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Isle of Man - andyburnett - 01-10-2016

We have a fair few players taking part in this and today sees 2 mega-clashes in round 1!

Board 3: Nakamura- Keti Arakhamia-Grant
Board 4: Alan Tate - Michael Adams

Other pairings include
GM Aravindh - Jonathan Grant
Neil Thomson - IM Alavarado Diaz
GM Gaponenko - Richard Birkett

Our IM Steve Mannion is yet to be paired.

All the very best to our players in this ridiculously strong event!

The live games can be viewed here apparently

Re: Isle of Man - George Neave - 05-10-2016

Steve Mannion on track for a GM norm?

Re: Isle of Man - amuir - 06-10-2016

Stephen is showing our other top players how to play!