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Hugh Flockhart
Sadly Hugh Flockhart has passed away today.

Hugh was a stalwart of the local Edinburgh and Scottish chess scene for many years. Hugh was a formidable organiser, leader and persuader forming the Lasswade chess team in 1985. He managed to take that team from the lower leagues of the Edinburgh and Lothians chess league to the Premier division in successive seasons, winning the odd title on the way and securing the services of many new stronger team players as well.  Some seasons saw Lasswade challenging for the Premier title and in others avoiding the drop.

Not content with that achievement, Hugh is credited with getting the Scottish seniors team up and running to participate in international tournaments.

With every challenge he faced in life, he brought his dignity to the fore.

He will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace Hugh.

John Watkins
John Watkins
I remember meeting up with Hugh regularly at the Peebles Allegro and was always very friendly and helpful and a great enthusiast for the game. He will be sorely missed.
John's puts it very well above. I will always have fond memories of the years I spent playing for Lasswade with Hugh. This is a sad loss for the Scottish Chess Community. I would like to add my condolences.
RIP Hugh, had many a good chat with him at congresses. Always friendly and it is a sad loss for Scottish Chess.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
I am sure others can better list Hugh's contributions to chess in Scotland.  However, there are two things which should certainly be recorded.
Hugh introduced the Adult Grand Prix which did so much to encourage congress participation.  He was also the driving force behind bringing the British Championships to Edinburgh in 2003.
Either of those achievements would be a fitting memorial.

Although ill health restricted his activity in recent years he will still be a huge loss to the chess scene in Edinburgh and the whole country.

He will be sadly missed.
Let's remember also that Hugh was instrumental (along with myself and Siegrun MacGilchrist) in promoting, forming and playing in the first Scottish Senior International Team. Without his prompting there would have been no team. He first played in Dresden, Germany in 2008, and again in Velden, Austria in 2009 (where he was captain). He also played as a member of the Scotland 2 team in Dresden 2010 and Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia, in 2012.

He was a great guy and he made a lot of friends on those trips, who will remember him with affection. We (my wife and I) consider ourselves lucky to be counted among those friends. Sadly in his later years he suffered the ravages of Parkinson's disease; but he always retained his good humour and enthusiasm. We attended his 80th birthday party a couple of years ago when I presented him with a photobook as a memento of his travels with the Scotland teams.

As a tribute to Hugh I have now created and uploaded a video of that book - you can see it here:

Feel free to pass this link on to anyone else who knew him. Does anyone have an email for his family?
Hi Alastair,

Daughter's email address being sent.  I got it from Reinhard so, as you say, it not just in Scotland that he will be missed.
(11-05-2020, 03:26 PM)Alex McFarlane Wrote: Hi Alastair,

Daughter's email address being sent.  I got it from Reinhard so, as you say, it not just in Scotland that he will be missed.

I heard about Hugh's demise from Stephanie Schulz who we met in 2008 in Dresden. I liked Hugh a lot. He was always friendly. We often shared meals with him & some others.
I didn't know he'd done so much for Scottish chess because he never talked about it.
Thanks Alistair for the video! We've still got the DVD you gave us all about our Dresden exploits!
The last time we talked to him was when we all played in Oban & the last time I heard from him was when I played in Edinburgh & Reinhard told me that he was admirably battling his illness.
St. Reuben once joked that they should invent a Flockhart rule -  does anyone know about it?
Athol & I would like to add our condolences.
I would like to add my own sincere condolences to Hugh's family. This is indeed sad news. As all have noted, Hugh did a lot for chess and was every bit as kind, generous and good-hearted to others as mentioned. My strongest memories of him go back to around 2002-03, since when our paths have crossed at many Scottish tournaments and international junior and senior events. I enjoyed his company and conversation and retain many fond memories.
I don't know whether anyone can compile a lengthier list of his key contributions to chess. I seem to recall (2002!?) meeting a splendidly outfitted chap, replete with a large smile and in a fine kilt, outside the public building in King George IV Bridge where a friendly match between Scottish juniors and representatives of the Scottish Parliament was hosted. It was Hugh, one of the main organisers. A later match was played in the new Scottish Parliament and the first match would also have been played there … but it wasn't yet open!

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