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Glorney Cup Training
People really need to read more than one line in a financial statement, namely BOTH Income and Expenditure.
We did not spend £33k - around 2/3 of this was off-set from income received. 

These International tournaments have funded places for 1 boy, 1 girl in each tournament category + 1 team official. But this does not cover FIDE or Organisation fees.  Nor should we be funding places in events that are not formal FIDE/ECU events.
The Glorney teams, includes  minimum of 20 players over Events and we are expanding training and Glorney selections to squads thus allowing for call-offs and unavailability. That takes the number of players getting training even higher. Training more than a few juniors now will prepare them far more for International Events to come.

We also have to be realistic about the financial resources of Chess Scotland.

We have to do what we can afford, or gives us better value for our financial investment.  Spending all our budget on some "pinnacle events" at this current financial time just does not make economical sense.

To borrow a quote from you:  "I don't share your  obsessive pursuit of this....."

Quite simply we cannot spend what we do not have.

(15-10-2017, 12:39 PM)hamish olson Wrote: This seems like a great initiative! There's only so much coaches can do once it gets to an event - pre event preparation is something we've been lacking.

Is this the under 18s or all the sections (Glorney gets used in different meanings). Who is the trainer? Andy M?
Bon Accord might be able to help out with a venue but it's probably a bit far away, although you do mention "local training". Dundee University Chaplaincy is an excellent venue that Richard Jennings uses for his u12 training days - might make sense to collaborate with him.  Unbelievably cheap venue and it is genuinely a lovely building. Drop me an email if you are interested in this - I can pass on Richard's contact details.

It is for all teams, currently  "Glorney" is being used as a catch-all for the whole event rather than specifically the U18 team.

Ian Brownlee is managing overall.
Andy Muir coordinating training and will liase with others to determine best fit. Richard and his squad will be included. We are hoping to get trainers at different venues as well and any offers of support in this should be addressed to Andy.  The Glasgow venue we have in mind is also cost effective and allows us venues on two sides of the country.

Other Board Members have been tasked with additional support issues and will report progress accordingly. Again offers for assistance will be considered and greatly appreciated - just contact Ian.

I am not suggesting sending juniors to non Fide/ECU organised events. I am simply saying we should be sending them to those events where we receive fully funded places for players and coaches/head of delegation. The events I have mentioned previously fall into that category.
There is normally a Fide "organisation fee" at these events which is there to cover admin/ bus transfer/accreditation etc. This fee is usually in the order of less than 150 Euros and the parent of the junior has always paid this in events I have attended in the past.
If we are being realistic about finances we should be concentrating on the aforementioned World/Euro Fide and ECU organised events where we can take advantage of the funded places available. At the moment we are focused exclusively on a financially draining event for both CS and parents alike but not giving those same parents and juniors the option of playing at higher class international events where a major financial incentive is available.
Hi Guys
apologies for any misleading, when I mention the word "Glorney" I am including the Faber etc.

Yes Andy Muir is the head trainer although his focus  will be on the under -18 as i'm sure an IM leading the training will be of significant benefit. 

The cost of the training room is insignificant which will hardly dent the CS finances.

I appreciate the offers of help from your neck of the woods and we would appreciate any help from you personally Hamish. I believe NEJCA and the LJC are also in a position to help as well. This is truly going to be great for Chess Scotland juniors with long term benefits for our kids of all ages. My long term goals beyond the Glorney is to have a proper development strategy and to link every chess club to each school, primary or secondary.

The cost of hiring the training room in Glasgow may be insignificant but who are paying the return travel/accommodation costs of the potential selected juniors (plus parents) from places such as Dundee, Aberdeenshire and Inverness?

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