Full Version: Scottish Blitz 2014
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congratulations Matt Smile
Geoff Chandler Wrote:Hi,

Never went - working Saturday night.

Mrs. C who runs the shop next door to the event called me (woke me up) to tell
20 or 30 chess players had popped in to say hello or just to stare at her.

(My guess it was to see if my tale about one of her eyes taking the other eye en passant was true.)

She said she got asked at least ½ a dozen times "Are you really Geoff Chandler's wife?"

She is now scanning the chess forums to see what I've been saying about her.

Howard I think I say something about her having a face that can uncastle a king - can you please delete it.

When God was making her face he forgot to say J'doube. (delete that as well.)

:ymapplause: Bring back the corner please!
Jonathan has spend his Sunday uploading lots of beautiful Dominic Doe photos from the blitz...

Available at:

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and for a short while at:

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