Full Version: Scottish Winter Chess Festival
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Revised Championship Draw:

Andrew Green v Graeme Kafka
Elaine Bamber v Jonathan Edwards
Walter Buchanan v Julius Schwartz
Hamish Olson v Daniel McGowan
Jim Stevenson v Hugh Brechin
Stephen Robinson v Michael Grove
Larry Kirk v Eoin Campbell
Do you know where I can find the link to the live games?
Massive congratulations to FM Callum Kilpatrick on gaining his final IM norm with an exceptional 6.5/9.
An excellent report by Andy Burnett is now available at:

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If anyone would like a ChessBase file of the annotated games please let me know
A terrific report Andy, thanks. It’s good to have some chess to click on!

The first diagram caught my eye, as I saw the post-mortem between the two players.

“37...Rc7?! which Fiona misses! [37...Qxe4 38.Qxe4 Nc3+ 39.Kc2 Nxe4 regains the queen and wins a pawn, although white should still be fine because of the weakness on c6.”

White may have planned better. In the PM when they reached the position after Black played 37...Rc7?! someone suggested Qxe4 instead but Hamitevici, completely unruffled, immediately played Kc2 which seemed to keep the N out of play and they way he it looked like White was still better.

This was an interesting game with White at first seeming to have a won position due to the position of the black rook on the K-side that was shut away from the main action. In time Black resolved this problem, at the expense of the equally dubiously placed N on a4 which White indicated still left him better.

Hamitevici looked a really strong player as he rattled through his thoughts (and in his other games) but I’m not sure about the assessment after that 38 Kc2. True, if Black trades queens she looks in bother with the N out of play in the ending - but retreating the Q back to e5 seems to keep Black active; I’m pretty sure W can’t check on d7 and take the R. I think you are probably right, and he didn't mean to allow Qxe4!
andyburnett Wrote:If anyone would like a ChessBase file of the annotated games please let me know
I wouldn't mind Andrew... ;-)
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