Full Version: Scottish Winter Chess Festival
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andyburnett Wrote:I have been asked by a few people if there will be LIVE boards at the event? David/Andy?

Andy Howie wrote on this thread

managed to persuade my manager that I really needed my first Christmas off work for 9 years! Just have to break it to Hastings that I am going to need our live boards this year, normally they borrow them. All being well will broadcast boards 1 - 8 each day as well.

its a yes, provisionally

added in edit:
oops repeated Andy's post.
feel free to delete mine Andy/Hugh
Thanks guys Smile

I do remember reading that post when it appeared - remembering things that you've forgotten to remember is annoying!
The entry deadline has passed.

I would like to thank all the players who have entered and supported the event.

I have decided to expand the Championship to 16 players. After being down the club tonight, there should be suitable space for this expansion.
Gibber Big Grin can we get 26 in + little old me? That is impressive!
Yes, I didn't forget about you Andy Wink The club championship blitz last night helped to make this decision!
Championship Draw:

Andrew Green v Robbie Coleman
Elaine Bamber v Jonathan Edwards
Daniel McGowan v Julius Schwartz
Hamish Olson v Jim Stevenson
Michael Grove v Hugh Brechin
Stephen Robinson v Larry Kirk
Jamie Hookham v Shivan Murdochy
Eoin Campbell v Graeme Kafka

The winner of the Championship section will qualify for the Premier next year, providing the winner has a fide rating over 2050 (a fide requirement for this type of event).

A WCF website is almost complete...

see <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Big thanks to Marketing Director Jonathan Edwards for helping an amateur like myself upload it...
Target score for our norm chasers is 6.5.

Good luck!
Great to see such a fantastic idea come to fruition.
I've always fancied entering a FIDE rated tournament and this could have been one for me to enter without taking a hammering in each round. Unfortunately, health problems mean i couldn't possibly commit to such a long tournament.

Once again, a quality field in a tournament in Scotland, following on from recent Scottishes and Scottish Blitz.

Would it be fair to say the state of Scottish chess has improved because of these tournaments?
Unfortunately there has been a withdrawal in the Championship section. Hence the round one draw will be changed. There is one space available in the Championship section for anyone interested in a competitive Fide rated event?! Contact me if so...
The Draw wasn't that bad Big Grin
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