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I think Hugh has quite a good appreciation of the situation.
As we are running out of time for consideration, if anyone wishes to know the two Hamilton proposals, please email me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
As other people are requesting proxies, anyone who wishes to give me theirs can contact me there too. I shall declare my no. of proxy votes 1 week in advance
Just publish them here then we can all read Big Grin
Joe. It is unconstitutional to publish them here. I have to abide by the rules.
I am curious as to which paragraph of the constitution you think prevents you posting on here.
were the Hamilton proposals put in on time and constructed appropriately? perhaps there may be technical difficulties in this area hence they may not be proposed.

Quote:Any proposals for consideration at the AGM must be received by the Executive Director in writing (including e-mail) at least three weeks before the meeting (i.e. not later than Saturday 3rd August 2013), and must be proposed and seconded by members.

Maybe the Andys can throw light on this matter?
amuir Wrote:Joe. It is unconstitutional to publish them here. I have to abide by the rules.

At the risk of sounding like a 'petty squabbler', since when have the rules prevented you from doing anything you want? Just post the proposals here then we might have some idea what you are wittering on about.
If there is a technical problem with Andy's motion what's the point of posting it here - better we can discuss things that are definitely going to make it on to the table.

Admittedly there is not much in the presidential race to get fired up about; we have Ken’s endorsement of Hugh’s endorsement of Alex and Andy’s endorsement of Hamish. There's hardly an issue in sight, with both candidates stressing changing the constitution without saying what aspects they want to change or why. Is there really nothing more pressing than that? Small wonder we can't get Mathew to stop yawning. Come on guys. Does CS not have any problems? What are the answers? let's have that vision, that dream!
It may be the proposals discussed at the last council meeting which Steven Mannion is reporting back on to the AGM, among other items from that council meeting that are not posted on the agenda, which are also being reported back to the AGM.
So is it possible that the proposals from Hamilton were not put forward as AGM proposals but as Council proposals?
Andy Howie/Hugh Brechin/Andrew McHarg:
Do I have moderator's permission to publish the Hamilton proposals on the noticeboard ?
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