Full Version: Scottish Chess Championships 2013
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Are the dates and place known yet?

Thanks Iain Hope
Victoria Hall
Sinclair Street
G84 8TU
Saturday 6 - 14 July

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The links not working (for me anyway)...
Nope, me neither.
Iain Hope Wrote:see <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Where did you get that link from? I don't recall the creation of such a folder. :\
The link is on the back of the entry form.
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With only 4 weeks to go perhaps it's time to re-launch this thread. See above link re: PM Arthur Bonar Law and Helensburgh. He honed his chess as a youth commuting between Helensburgh where he lived and Glasgow where he worked ... on the train 6 days a week.

For PR purposes ... above should be forwarded to all print media (including TV / radio) ... enough stuff there to make life a piece of cake for any reporter / feature writer.

He could really play a bit!
Nice link Craig Big Grin

Just to bump it up again, there is just one week left to take advantage of entry discounts.

And the field is building now too
Matthew Turner is added to the list of GMs and another two IMs.

Once again, thanks to our benefactor, we have a really strong tournament.

The venue is very easy to get to by car from both Glasgow and Ayrshire. If you enter before the end of the month you can still save money.

A great chance to meet a titled player and possibly pick up a title norm yourself.
is matthew eligible to win title ? can those eligible be clarified before start ?
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