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this post is bordering on personal attacks.
As home director I am ultimately accountable for this tournament.
As moderator I am responsible for the tone of the posts
I have allowed comments so far but I will not allow further negativity to either clubs, committees or individuals.

Ken has changed the times as his discretion and has done so in the interests of providing a fair tournament. He has balanced this against the time controls already used in previous years and is reliant on Andy H's expertise on setting up these time controls.

Personally I dont like some of the blltz rules but thats just me and I accept I am probably in the minority (and in the wrong) I saw a couple of games last year won by nefarious means and also the infamous Muir V Brownlee where I lost the game (I was losing anyway) but putting my king into check! I also saw a game where a player was trying to win a game on time and one of his team mates (not the captain) interfered in the game by giving the wrong information to his opponent, putting his opponent off. That interferee also stopped the clock when he had no right to do so. He only got away with it because Ken was distracted in another game. Ken is given a thankless task here so please get off his back. Ken as always is trying to be as fair as possibleso whatever time controls Ken wants should be adhered ro

I wasnt going to say this but I will be around on Sunday morning at the SNCL playing for Stepps. I will obviously be at the council meeting in Glasgow the day before. I am also at Hamilton Chess Club on thursday night . There you go, three chances to converse with me and nowhere near the forum
I'm surprised and equally amused at how seriously people take blitz.
Introduce into the mix a time control like 5+0 and it's no wonder there are problems.
Nothing more annoying than an incrementless specialist taking it too seriously.
People actually prepare for blitz??
I just pin as many pieces as I can to my opponent's king and hope they move one.
Ken, make the change if you want but only next year, after consultation, and after a vote. If we can't vote at SNCL then it must be at CS AGM.

It's the dictatorship and lack of consultation which I don't like . This should be the norm for any rule change. This sets a terrible precedent for other chess rules if this change goes ahead

Look what we have for the Richardson: " Richardson Cup - Following correspondence with fellow Management Board directors it has been decided to add “A review of the Richardson Cup rules and regulations” to the April Management Board meeting agenda. ... To further assist in this review, we are inviting submissions from CS individual members and member clubs, via their secretary to input into the review. WE WILL NOT CONSIDER FORUM SUBMISSIONS HOWEVER. All submissions for consideration should be sent to CS President <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> and must be received no later than Friday 31st March. All submissions will be acknowledged on receipt. ANY RECOMMENDED CHANGES IN RULES WILL BE IMPLEMENTED IN SEASON 2017/18."

As I have said previously , to be consistent why then don't we make the Richardson final instead of 40 moves in 2 hours , reduce time to 3/5 = 60% so 40 moves in 72 minutes + increments?

Again Jim is right here . Time and time again we discover that a fair reflection of opinion is not reflected on the forum therefore a true reflection can only be by the rank and file at the appropriate time (e.g at the AGM) Opinions have been raised on the forum but very few are actually followed up by any proper procedure (e.g. notification to the president as was requested last time) Surely CS members have priority over the forum when it comes to compiling CS policy and the structure of CS tournaments
As home director and in consultation with Ken I have decided that.the time.controls.for this.year has to be what was on the original entry form. which is to be 5 minutes with no.increment. it is too.close to the event for any changes this year but the time control will be up for review at the chess scotland AGM and.may br changed for next year
Thank you for common sense. I look forward to debating the time control at AGM if a change is proposed.
Both controls have merit and majority vote decides the issue.
It's good practice not to change regulations so close to the tournament, even if it is only a fun blitz tournament :')
I'm glad its changed back. I seem to be in minority but personally I prefer the fixed 5 +0. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Its a successful fun team event as it is and its only once a year. It should be played in the spirit of the game and what's wrong with games with flying pieces anyway?.. I have won (and lost ) many enjoyable games that way... they are the ones you usually remember, such as my Pat Coffey game that was replayed. Part of the fun is watching other games and seeing the blunders and technical errors or debates about the rules.

Increments usually favour the stronger player and with such grading differences it means that the game as is is often still in the balance, even if material is down. There is also an advantage in games finishing by a set time.

For Individual blitz the arguments may sway more towards increment but I'd be interested to know what all level of players thought for both team and individual games.

We should really get input from more players. Perhaps a George Neave straw poll but its not clear that the forum is representative.

Can we not simply get a quick vote during the event either by show of hands or as results are handed in or something. We could also do it the style of the old Mike Reid tv show ..."runaround" :-bd Ken can be announcer.
can I add my personal thanks and gratitude to Ken for running the tournament today I really had a ball and enjoyed myself. Every game I saw played was in the true spirit of playing chess and no small measure to Ken's efforts.
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