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There doesn't seem to be much details about the above on the main page, not even the organiser's contact details.
Is it still going ahead?
Hi Graham,

Sorry for the tardy response, the Largs Congress is indeed going ahead. Now titled the Viking Chess Congress, the details can be found in my next post. We are trying something different from last year's event and having just the one section and hope to see yourself and everyone else at Largs!

Gary McPheator

WHEN : August 29th - 31st
Round 1 : 6pm Friday
Round 2 : 11:15am Saturday
Round 3 : 4:15pm Saturday
Round 4 : 11:15am Sunday
Round 5 : 4:15pm Sunday

WHERE : SportScotland National Centre Inverclyde, Burnside Road, Largs, KA30 8RW

PRIZES : 1st £300 • 2nd £250 • 3rd £200 • 4th £150 • 5th £100 • Grading 5 x £100
Best Junior : Replica Lewis Chessmen Set donated by the Largs Viking Festival
(Prizes are dependent on size of entry)

All competitors entered up to and including Friday 8th August pay just £25

TIME CONTROL : All moves in 80 minutes with a 30 second increment from move 1

• Any player who fails to turn up within 30 minutes of the commencement of their match will forfeit the game
• The Arbiters reserve the right to redraw opponents after 15 minutes if players have failed to appear
• Any player accused of cheating shall be expelled from the event if they do not comply with the Arbiter's investigation
• Any player found to be cheating will be expelled from the event and banned from playing in future events
• Prizes will not be shared and tied players shall be split based on their TPR
• The Best Junior Prize will be open to all players classed as juniors by Chess Scotland
• Ungraded players shall be given an estimate grade with regard to judging of grading prizes
• A 1/2 point bye is available in any of the first four rounds, but only once per player


By Telephone - 07411196422 (From 10am to 10pm)
By Email - <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Thanks Gary.
I have an internet friend coming over from the US and Largs (or now Viking) congress fell in the period when he is coming. He doesn't get much otb play, living a long way away from any club or tourney, and his interest was perked at the idea of taking in a tourney while he is here.
He hasn't yet confirmed has plans, so we'll just have to wait and see, but i have to say, a single event isn't to my own personal taste...
I think a single (Open) event is an interesting move. The 5 x £100 rating prizes will surely mean many players are just as likely (if not more so) to win a prize than in a regular tournament. The rest of the prizes are very attractive too! How do you envisage the rating splits for the grading prizes Gary?
I will stick my 2 cents in here. I share Graham's thoughts, an all-in-one is not my cuppa tea really, and you already get that at the Scottish. In no way am I criticising the format, it up to organisers how they manage their event. I can also completely understand the USP aspect and trying to be different.

Largs aint for me, but then I don't think every tournament necessarily has to cater for everyone all of the time. It is good to have different format variety and choice. I am sure the all-in-one format will appeal to some, best wishes to the organisers for a good tournament.
I think it could be interesting and look forward to giving it a try! It seems to work well enough in america although they put big entry fees and big prizes into the mix I believe.
Hi Andrew,

It is hard to say, with this being the first year we have tried this. My hope is that the grading prizes on offer attract as many lower graded players as the Major and Minor events usually do, but we shall have to wait and see.
i hope i wasn't bringing down the idea for the tournament, i do sincerely hope it works, and i do believe there should be some variation in styles of tournament on the CS calendar.
There are clearly many players who would prefer this style of tournament ;-)
I like the concept because it means I'll probably get the chance to play one or two really strong "Open" players and if I don't get anything from them I'll have some slightly easier games to fall back on (and possibly still lose with how I've been playing lately - lol). :p

I might enter if I get time. Largs is quite far away so it would require at least one night's accommodation. Anyone else from the Livingston/Edinburgh area considering it?
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