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Andrew McHarg Wrote:I like the concept because it means I'll probably get the chance to play one or two really strong "Open" players and if I don't get anything from them I'll have some slightly easier games to fall back on (and possibly still lose with how I've been playing lately - lol). :p

I might enter if I get time. Largs is quite far away so it would require at least one night's accommodation. Anyone else from the Livingston/Edinburgh area considering it?

Still considering it Andrew, but it really depends on Jack's plans. I don't think an overnight stay would suit him or me, but at least transport might be a bit easier...
The 11:15 start time is unusually late. It suits me as it means I can travel on the day without an unusually early wake up. The Livingston players might find that possible too.
Just to say thanks to Gary for a good event. The venue and playing conditions were very good. Largs was very busy so it was good weekender.

The format seemed to work well but the numbers were down - not sure why- be interested to know why some folk never entered. Was it the format/cost/distance/dates?
I played in the Largs congress last year and really enjoyed it. I wasn't able to play this year because of work commitments. I was able to travel up to the prizegiving this year after work and I was impressed by the new venue.

Largs is a lovely seaside town with beautiful views to the islands in the Clyde estuary. The fairground, Viking village and of course Nardini's are all right on the sea front. Accommodation can be pricier on busy weekends but the b and b quality and price that the organisers offered were very good, right next to the venue. There is a direct train link from Glasgow and pretty good bus and road links. The organisers tried to encourage folks from the east coast to enter by moving the start times forward to 11.15 am on the Saturday and Sunday.

The excellent Scotland Street school event in Glasgow may have had an impact on numbers but nothing too serious overall.

Numbers attending Largs were frankly disappointingly poor but I don't feel that the format of the event (all in one section) is directly responsible for the turnout. I know the guys well that organise this event and they won't be giving up easily! However, they need our support. Let's all try and attend this next year if you possibly can.

Sorry, forgot to say, nice touch by Quality chess providing additional book prizes which were very much appreciated.
Thanks to the organisers for their efficient work in ensuring an enjoyable congress. I certainly got my money's worth by being the last to finish on both Saturday and Sunday. Let's hope that the numbers increase next year.
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