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PVG (Child Protection) compliance


As legislation changed and associated procedures developed, it became increasingly clear that there is a need for Chess Scotland to assist Chess Clubs and Congresses in order to ensure that they are complying with legislation such as Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) ( Scotland ) Act 2007.  The service provided by Chess Scotland and the conditions to be met before it is relevant are summarised in the main policy document Main Policy Document  The purpose of this document is to explain how the service operates.

Procedural Steps

The steps to be followed by either a club or a congress ("club" used to include both from this point onwards) in utilising the service are:-

  1. Take a collective decision by the relevant local officials to use the service taking account of the conditions set out in the Main Policy Document

  2. Contact the Chess Scotland Lead Signatory, Steve Mannion, in writing seeking the service.  Contact can either be by email Steve Mannion or by letter to his home address:-

    1. Benachally,

      Butterstone Wood,

      By Dunkeld PH8 0HA

  3. The club then receives a written contract which has to be signed by all relevant club officials and returned by post to the Lead Signatory.  At the same time, the name, official position and contact details of the person(s) wishing to apply to join PVG scheme are supplied.

  4. Either the Lead Signatory or an Additional Signatory will then post one form direct to each applicant's private address.  Guidance notes will be provided to assist the completion of the form and telephone support will be available to answer any questions or doubts.

  5. The completed form together with the requisite proof of identity documents are then returned to the Lead Signatory who may or may not initiate some enquiries for additional background information before the form is forwarded for processing by the relevant government officials.

  6. A PVG Scheme Record is then sent by the relevant agency direct to the applicant's home address.  He/she can then retain it for display to third partes at his/her discretion.


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