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Nancy Elder



Grading data

The 2016 Nancy Elder competition was won by Euan Dawson.



Qrtr Final

Semi Final


T.Constance - Castlehill - (H)

E. Rota - Castlehill - (A)


T.Constance (H - Black)

R. Noble (A - White)

R. Noble (A - White)

K. Rose (H - Black)

K. Rose (W)

E. Dawson

R. Noble - Castlehill (H)

L. Paton - Castlehill (A)

K. Rose Castlehill (H)

A. Grant - Castlehill (A)

A. Banerjee - (H - Black)

K. Rose (A - White)

A. Banerjee - Castlehill (H)

J. Lynch - Castlehill (A)

E. Dawson - Castlehill (H)

S. Banerjee - Castlehill (A)

C. McGillvray (H - Black)

E. Dawson (A - White)


E. Dawson (A - White)

J. Kleboe (H - Black)

C. Donkin - W. Dragons (H)

C. McGillvray - Edinburgh (A)


R.Crawford - W. Dragons* (H) w/o

J. Anderson - Dundee (A)


R.Crawford (H - Black)

J. Kleboe (A - White)

J. Kleboe - Kilmarnock (H) w/o

S. Hilton - Inverclyde (A)


By - 31 Dec 2015

By - 31 Jan 2016

By - 29 Feb 2016

Final 23 April 2016

*Extra prelim

Chris Hampton Pentland Hills (H)

R.Crawford W. Dragons (A)





  Ian Brownlee


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