Vera Menchik in Scotland - 1938

Vera Menchik, the strongest woman player of her time and Women's World Champion, paid a brief visit to Glasgow in October 1938.

On Wednesday, 26 October she gave a simultaneous display at the Glasgow Ladies' Chess Club against 17 opponents, winning 14, and drawing 3 against Mrs Lyon, Mrs Thomson and Mrs Rodger.

The following evening, Thursday, October 27, she gave a display at the Polytechnic club rooms on 21 boards, her result after four hours' play being 13 wins, 4 losses and 4 draws. The losses were to J. Black, J.W. Hastie, J.S. Macmartin and W. Ferrie, and the draws against P. Henderson, J.L. Henderson, A.E. Dodd and S.C. Weir.

Glasgow Herald, October 28, and chess columns, October 28 and November 4, 1938.

Note: J.S. Macmartin, one of the winners against Miss Menchik, defeated Alekhine in a simultaneious exhibition in Glasgow in September 1938. His latest win meant that he had defeated two World Champions.

Alan McGowan
Historian, Chess Scotland