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Junior Grand Prix rules

and junior participation in the Main Grand Prix


Junior GP rules and prizes: Players aged J16 and younger and with a published Main List grade of less than 1350 are eligible for points in the Walter Munn Junior Grand Prix.

Players will be eligible ONLY for the Junior Grand Prix in the appropriate age section [Pawns, Knights, Bishops or Rooks].

Full CS membership is not required in the Pawns and Knights to be eligible for prizes - but is a requirement in both other sections.

There will be one prize for the top player in each of the following age ranges in the current Grading List.

PAWNS: J5-J9 (covering roughly up to Primary 5)
KNIGHTS: J10-J11 (covering roughly Primaries 6 & 7)
BISHOPS: J12-J13 (covering roughly Secondary 1 & 2)
ROOKS: J14-J16 (covering roughly Secondary 3 - 5)

Each of the four winners will receive a memento trophy and a £25 Chess Scotland prize.

In addition, the highest player at each age [J5, J6, J7 etc up to J16] will also receive a small trophy for permanent retention.

There are also additional cash prizes in the junior GP. Players who finish 2nd will get £15 and 3rd place £10 in each of the four sections - regardless of age. Players may win both an age and a place prize. (Before this change it was possible to finish 2nd or 3rd but out of the prizes if same age as winner).

Junior GP point scoring:

The Junior Grand Prix will operate a different points system from the main Grand Prix.

Scores of 25% or more will be eligible for inclusion

Junior GP Multipliers

Scores in junior one day events will be unadjusted
Scores in junior league ancillary events will be unadjusted
Scores in junior two day events (non allegro) will be doubled
Scores in adult weekend events will be quadrupled
Scores in adult allegro events will be doubled
Scores in adult one round a week events will be doubled
Scores in adult league ancillary events will be doubled

The maximum GP points available in a one day event is 12.


Juniors J16 and younger with a grade of 1350 or more will be placed in the adult Grand Prix sections.

The highest placed junior in the four Main ChessBase Grand Prix sections (Candidates, Challengers, Major and Minor) will win a specific junior prize. Juniors (J16 and younger) will not be eligible to win the main prizes.

Junior prizes are ChessBase software, £25 Chess Scotland voucher plus book and mag and memento trophy.




Notes (applying to all J16 and below):

1) A junior whose age is not known (J??) will not appear in the Grand Prix until their age status is updated. Please inform if you know the age of any player listed in the grading system as J??

2) Only Main List grades are used to determine eligibility for the Grand Prix - allegro grades are ignored.

3) A junior event for Grand Prix purposes is classed as a tournament where 75% of the players are J16 or younger AND 75% are under 1350. Otherwise an event will be classed as "adult" event for GP purposes. Juniors 1350 and above can only gain Grand Prix points from "adult" events.

4) A junior event which takes place as part of a congress which includes adult sections is still classed as a junior event for GP scoring purposes.

5) The maximum Junior GP points available in a one day event is 12, eg a junior scores 6/6 in an adult allegro event = 12 points in the junior Grand Prix. A junior scores 7/7 in an adult allegro event = 12 points in the junior Grand Prix.

6) All the rules of the "adult" Grand Prix apply unless specifically altered by the junior rules above.

7) Rules are maintained by the GP invigilator and the Junior Home Director.

The Grand Prix invigilator would be happy to clarify rules and receive any constructive suggestions about modification of rules and conditions of the Grand Prix. Please help to continue to make it a success.

Adult GP rules