Council Meeting

June 13, 2011

Minutes (pdf) of meeting which took place on Saturday April 30, 2011


Notice: A Chess Scotland Council Meeting will take place on Saturday April 30 2011.

Meeting place is Room 3 of the Adelphi Centre,  from 1pm to 5pm,

12 Commercial Road

Please download Director Reports Zip file


Date: 30th April, 2011
Time: 13:00
Location: Adelphi Centre, Room 3

1. Minutes of the Previous Council Meeting
1.1 Accuracy
1.2 Matters Arising

2. Director Reports

3. Budget and Fees

4. AGM & Council Meeting 2012

5. Website / Membership - IM Douglas Bryson

6 Matters raised by members

6.1 I would like to put the following motion up for discussion to council. This business between the EK and Irvine opens highlights the need for the Calendar to come under the control of the Home Director. I propose that the chess calendar comes under the control of the home director. There is a clear need for this as the home director's remit covers the whole of Scotland and it is important that the domestic calendar come under the direction of the home director. This would enable the HD to intervene in disputes over the clashes of dates as he cannot do under the current arrangements. - Stephen Hilton

6.2 Standards code – a meeting was held this year between Ayrshire Chess Association management committee and Donald Wilson representing Chess Scotland to agree proposals regarding the Standard Committee – these proposals should be agreed over the next few weeks and should be ready to be submitted for the Chess Scotland Annual General Meeting in August if that is agreeable. – John Montgomery

6.3 Minutes of last AGM – I would like the minute corrected to say that I asked if Stephen Hilton had performed the duties of his post rather than saying that he had done so. - John Montgomery

6.4 I'd like someone to put to Council that I have requested to take on the roll of fundraiser for Junior Chess with CS's blessing. Without it it's difficult to make serious approaches to people. That means I would need the official title of 'Promoter' 'Fundraiser' Co-ordinator or whatever so my mailed approaches have some substance. – Angus McDonald


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