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Council Meeting Sunday 14 August 2005


Venue: City Inn, Finnieston Quay, Glasgow, G3 8HH at 2.00 pm.



1 Minutes of last meeting

2 Matters arising therefrom

3 Update on discussions with SJC [see background note below]

4 Arrangements for elections at AGM [see background note below]

5 Next season

6 Any other business


Background note for item 3:

SJC are reported as agreeing that the constitutional changes made meet their needs. Two specific concerns have been reported from SJC. The first is that the section on behaviour in the draft agreement is inappropriate. The second is a desire that £3000 should be put into a separate bank account for junior promotion as decided by the junior board outside the budgeting process. The group of three (John Glendinning, Andy Howie and Stephen O'Donnell) who have been taking discussions forward have asked that the SJC document their amendments to the draft agreement for discussion by Council on 14 August. This has not been received yet. If received it will be published on the CS website.

The group of three agree that this must be resolved and that the Council Meeting on 14 August, rather than the AGM, is the place to decide whether agreement will actually be reached or not. That agreement will then allow appropriate elections at the AGM on 28 August.

Background note for item 4:

Chess Scotland Editor Sam Collins changed the notice of AGM printed in the magazine because it was not being issued until 8 or 9 August. The date for nominations for office-bearers was changed from the constitutional requirement of 8 August to 2 pm on 13 August. This has no constitutional backing. Council is asked to consider what to recommend to the AGM for the AGM's decision. The constitution requires nominations for office-bearers by 7 August (ie 3 weeks before the meeting), with any posts remaining vacant appointed by the Management Board. The issue is whether the AGM should accept nominations received between 7 and 13 August (the extended deadline published in Scottish Chess], or whether they should fall to be appointed by the Management Board.


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