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City Inn, Glasgow
Sunday 29 August 2004


JM Glendinning (chair), G Anderson, DM Bryson, GA Clarke, R Coleman, S Collins, T Donohue, G Grant, S Hilton, J Hughes, P Macnab, A McFarlane, L R McKenzie, J Montgomery, G Murphy, A Petrie, C Pritchett, J Shovlin, R Tweedie, D Wilson and K Stewart (minutes).


Apologies had been received from the following: - D Griffin, A Maxwell .


The Minutes of the previous Council Meeting, 8 February 2004, were approved.


The following appointments were made:

Grading Director - DM Bryson

Membership Director - G Anderson

Publications Director - S Collins

Executive Group - none pro tem, pending constitution revision

The International and Strategy Directors would appoint their groups and publish the membership on the website.


No smoking policy: The CS policy would be that smoking is prohibited in the playing hall and analysis areas. This would apply to all CS events. Clubs and congresses would be asked to respect this. A rule prohibiting smoking at the board would be added to the MacIsaac and Elder rules.

Chess for Visually Impaired: S Hilton advocated that Scotland be represented on the International Braille Chess Association; the lack of this puts him and other visually impaired players at a disadvantage in obtaining support for international activity. He stated that he would be willing to assist in promoting chess for visually impaired players in Scotland . It was suggested that he write a short article for the magazine and website to help gauge the amount of interest.


1. The Scottish Junior One Day Championship would be held on October 30.

2. The calendar would shortly be updated with a number of junior events.

3. Junior Commission: R Tweedie reported that this had met earlier in the day. Its formal composition would be arranged to be open and flexible. The commission had considered various issues that morning including policies for international selection and the Junior Grand Prix. It had been asked to decide the basis on which the Junior Grand Prix should be run this year.

4. Junior Grand Prix: The placings for 2003 would be sorted out by using graded tournaments only . The rules for 2004-05 would be clarified. There were revised ideas in preparation for future years.


G Grant would consult with LR McKenzie to clarify the budget for junior events.

J Montgomery asked about a place to deposit archive material relating to the SJCA and Ayrshire chess.

The extent to which the SJCA Educational Trust could be a vehicle for delivering services to those who contribute to it was raised. This will be checked with the Trustees.

The idea of promoting chess through specialist publications was raised.


The next Meeting of Council would be held in January or February 2005. The date subsequently arranged is (to be notified shortly).

The 2005 AGM would be held in August. The date subsequently arranged is (to be notified shortly).


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