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Cherie Booth QC Award for the

Scottish Girl Chess Player


The award aims to recognise the most important contribution by a girl chess player to Girls' Chess in Scotland each year.

The award was presented to its first winner, Louise Macnab, by Cherie Booth QC, at a reception for the Scottish Youth Team in Number 10 Downing Street, in June 2003.

The award will be made by a small Junior Committee.

In keeping with the prestige of the award, the committee will review the annual operation of the award criteria each year to ensure that the award goes to a worthy winner.

The committee currently considers that the award should not go to the same winner for more than two years in succession.

Decisions made by the committee will be final.


The following age limit will apply: eligibility for the award will be limited to girls aged 18 or under in the calendar year in which any award is actually made.

The award will be made in on the basis of contributions made in the period September of the previous year to August this year (inclusive).

The award will recognise not just playing strength but also non-playing achievements. The award committee will therefore seek to ensure that candidates' contributions to girls' chess are assessed broadly.

Rating and / or rating improvement in the period will be important criteria in making the award. The award, however, will not necessarily be made to Scotland 's highest-rated girl player; nor will it necessarily be restricted to older girls at the upper end of the age-limit.

The award committee will take due account of differing age expectation in assessing all contributions. It will certainly expect any winner to be an “active” player at whatever level they are competing. Taking due account of differences in expectation arising from differing age-levels, the award committee will consider the following criteria:

Performance in school, club, national or international individual and / or team competitions, at relevant primary through to secondary school age levels – this may be reflected in rating and / or rating improvement, but must be linked to demonstrable playing activity;

Organisational achievement, e.g. in club, school and / or congress chess, including “giving back to chess” through coaching, arbiting, managing teams etc.

Achievement in raising the image of chess, particularly youth and / or girls chess, locally, nationally or internationally, e.g. by getting chess into the press or other news media, achieving commercial or public sponsorship, or by integrating chess into wider community actions.


2004 Award
2005 Award

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2009 Award



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