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City Inn, Glasgow Sunday 30 August 2003


N Berry, D Bryson, M Carballo, G Clarke, S Collins, T Donohue, D Gillespie, J Glendinning, D Griffin, M Hanley, D Heathwood, J McAdam, R MacDonald, A McFarlane, L R McKenzie, M Mathie, A Maxwell, F Petrie, C Pritchett, J Shaw, K Stewart, R Tweedie, D Wilson, P Woods, J Glendinning chaired the AGM and D Heathwood took the minutes.


Apologies had been received from the following: -

H Flockhart D Leslie P McNab I Mackintosh B Marshall A Minnican A Muir A Plato D Smith L Wilson


The minutes of the previous AGM, 8 July 2002, were approved. There were no matters arising.


Prior to the AGM, audited accounts for the year to 30 April 2003 had been circulated to Council members and had been published on the CS website. Further paper copies were available at the Meeting. A suggestion was made that the accounts might be easier to follow if individual items of expenditure amounting to £1,000 or over were listed under separate headings. No other comments were offered on the accounts which were accepted by the members present at the AGM.


The Annual Report had been distributed to Council members in advance of the AGM and had been published on the CS website.

Particular aspects of the Annual Report giving rise to comment were:-

" The President mentioned that David Leslie had advised him that Aberdeen City Council were arranging an academic study of three P4 classes; one receiving chess tuition; one receiving a different form of 'motivation' but no chess; the third simply following the normal school curriculum. The study was expected to start early September 2003 and run through to early June 2004. The study would be vitally important in establishing the educational benefits of chess.

" No venue had been established for the Scottish Schools Team Championship in 2004, albeit venues for 2005 and 2006 had been confirmed. " Efforts would be made to improve the communication channels in respect of the Schools Team Event in order to avoid any element of "last minute" surprises for schools, for example in arranging premises. The matter would be referred to the relevant Directors. " Not all of the results information had been received to enable the Junior Grand Prix to be finalised. Again, efforts should be made to improve communication during the competition. Similar comments were offered in relation to the MacIsaac Cup.


John Glendinning confirmed his willingness to continue as President for another year, no alternative nominations were offered and John Glendinning's appointment was confirmed; proposed, G Clarke, seconded K Stewart.

Council membership was reviewed and the following appointments made for the coming year. No alternative nominations were made in respect of any of the roles so there was no question of any voting procedure being required.


Chess Club (Crowood) D Gillespie K Stewart J Glendinning

Chess Club (Edinburgh) B Marshall J Glendinning A McFarlane

Chess Club (St Mary's School) T Donohue M Hanley R Tweedie

Chess Club (Stirling) G Clarke K Stewart J Glendinning

Congress No nomination N/A N/A

Executive Director D Heathwood J Glendinning LR McKenzie

FIDE Delegate D Griffin J Glendinning D Heathwood

Finance Director LR McKenzie J Glendinning A McFarlane

Home Chess Director A McFarlane J Glendinning D Gillespie

Individual A Plato J Glendinning K Stewart

Individual D Wilson J Glendinning K Stewart

Individual (junior) R Coleman J Glendinning K Stewart

Individual (lady) L Wilson J Glendinning K Stewart

International Director D Griffin J Glendinning LR McKenzie

Junior Auditor R Tweedie J Glendinning R MacDonald

Promotions Director F Petrie J Glendinning K Stewart

Regional Director No nomination N/A N/A

Schools Project Director C Pritchett J Glendinning D Heathwood

Strategy Director J Glendinning G Clarke K Stewart

Technical Director K Stewart J Glendinning R MacDonald

It was agreed that an additional role, Marketing Director, should be created to have an outward focus, for example, high profile events such as the recent matches where Scottish Juniors had played MSPs and then MPs. John Glendinning proposed Peter McNab to undertake the new role but indicated that this appointment required to be ratified by Council.

The President indicated that the document, Directors' Roles and Responsibilities, would continue to be kept under review. A number of adjustments were envisaged taking account of the changes in the composition of the Council, for example the addition of a Marketing Director.

Two non-Council appointments were confirmed. " K Oswald was reappointed as Financial Auditor; proposed, J Glendinning, seconded, A McFarlane. " D Officer was introduced to the AGM in her new role as International Chess Secretary.

On behalf of all members, the President expressed his thanks to all Council Members and Directors for giving their time and effort in the interests of chess in Scotland.


A member had suggested that the AGM should review three issues:- " Suitability of joint Scottish Champion " Assessment criteria for selecting player of the year " 50 mile domicile rule for Richardson Cup It was agreed that these questions should be referred to Council.

No other items were proposed for discussion. The President extended a warm welcome to everyone present to attend as observers if they so wished at the Council Meeting to be held immediately after the AGM.

The President took the opportunity of advising the AGM that a dispute arising at the tri nations tournament had been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties concerned. He expressed his thanks to Ken Stewart and Joe McAdam for dealing with the issue.


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