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Richardson Cup 1960-1961

Main Tournament

Glasgow CC retain the trophy in a repeat of the previous season's final. Spens Cup winners Falkirk survive round 1.

In the relegation tournament first round losers Dundee Circle go out of business without playing any matches, after only 4 years in existence, due to venue problems. Only one match, which turns out to be meaningless, is played in the relegation tournament.

Round 1 Round 2 Semi Final Final
Wigtown County ½ Wardie Residents 3 Civil Service (S) 2½* Edinburgh (S) 2
Wardie Residents
  Civil Service (S) 4
Polytechnic 4 Polytechnic 3 Edinburgh (S) 4½*
Central 3
  Edinburgh (S) 4
Dundee Circle 2 Falkirk (P) 1 Glasgow (H) Glasgow (H) 5
Falkirk (P) 5
  Glasgow (H) 6
Bon Accord 4 Bon Accord Dundee (S)
Griffin 3
  Dundee (S)

(P) - Promoted from the previous season's Spens Cup.
(H) - Holders
(S) - Other Seeeded teams

Relegation Tournament

Round 1 Round 2 Relegated
Central 6 Wigtown County w/o Dundee Circle
Wigtown County 1
Dundee Circle scr Dundee Circle scr
Griffin w/o