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Chess Scotland is starting a fundraising exercise to buy some new sensory boards for use in tournaments. All sections, from Minor to Open, will get the use of these boards. Discussion on the topic can be found here.


The SJCAET Educational Trust supports young Scottish players, and is a tax-efficient medium for donations to aid the development of Junior Chess. For more details please visit

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Honorary Life Membership Award

February 6th, 2017

Gordon Rattray – CS programmer

The Chess Scotland Management Board have awarded an Honorary Life Membership to Gordon Rattray in recognition of his hard work and support for the Chess Scotland Grading System over the last 10 years. The award was considered at the January 2017 CS management board meeting.

Gordon made first steps to get involved in programming support for the CS grading system in February 2007. Gordon has written, updated and revised many of the applications which are used in the import and output of data from the Windows grading program originally written by Alex Bisset in 2002-2007. The Grand Prix leaderboard pages, the monthly import of FIDE result data into domestic ratings, the conversion of domestic CS data for uploaded FIDE reports, an online input form for outside Scotland data and an application which refreshes the weekly upload of data to the online grading system are some of the systems which are responsible for the efficient delivery of grading information to players.

Gordon’s long-term project has been an application to take over from the Bisset program and the first tests of the new program have been underway this season and last.

Gordon’s skilled behind the scenes work has been invaluable in keeping the grading system operating. He was assisted in 2011 when Andrew McHarg joined the CS programming team and Andrew overhauled and improved the website and the online grading displays.

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