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Chess Scotland is starting a fundraising exercise to buy some new sensory boards for use in tournaments. All sections, from Minor to Open, will get the use of these boards. Discussion on the topic can be found here.


The SJCAET Educational Trust supports young Scottish players, and is a tax-efficient medium for donations to aid the development of Junior Chess. For more details please visit

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Richardson and Spens Cups 2016-2017

January 25th, 2017

March 15:


Hamilton v Glasgow Polytechnic, 4-4
Edinburgh West v Edinburgh (scheduled Mar 18)


Wandering Dragons v Phones, 2-3
Bellshill v Kilmarnock, 2.5-2.5

Campbell Rosebowl

Irvine v Hamilton, 1.5-3.5
Edinburgh CS v Troon, w/o


January 31: Semi-Final draw. Official round date March 12. Matches can be held at any time by agreement between clubs from now until March 19 – organiser to be informed of date. Player squads for semis are restricted to pre-registered players or any players added to squads (and registered officially with organiser) up to 48 hours before match. All additions must have or be able to acquire immediately a FIDE ID or they will be deemed invalid players. Once semis take place no additional players can be added to pools.


Hamilton v Glasgow Polytechnic
Edinburgh West v Edinburgh


Wandering Dragons v Phones
Bellshill v Kilmarnock

Campbell Rosebowl

Irvine v Hamilton
Edinburgh CS v Troon


January 2017: Richardson and Spens round 1 matches have all taken place.

Domestic and FIDE grading has been uploaded. FIDE: Richardson Spens – please report any errors immediately to

Team in bold progresses.

Richardson Cup

Glasgow Polytechnic vs. Wandering Dragons, 6.5-1.5

Edinburgh vs. Bon Accord, 6-2

Cathcart vs. Hamilton, 1.5-6.5

Dundee vs. Edinburgh West, 2.5-5.5


Spens Cup

Castlehill vs. Wandering Dragons, 0-5

Bellshill vs. Troon, 3-2

Phones vs. Irvine, 5-0

Kilmarnock vs. Edinburgh Civil Service, 4-1


November 2016: Phones defeat Hamilton in Spens prelim


October 2016: The draw has now been made for this season’s competitions. Results and grading links will be updated on the CS Events page. Rules for this year’s events will be updated shortly. Download a result sheet. Could clubs please complete this registration form by October 30 to indicate their pool of players (can be updated throughout season). Tournament Director = Ian Brownlee.

Richardson Cup

Glasgow Polytechnic vs. Wandering Dragons

Edinburgh vs. Bon Accord

Cathcart vs. Hamilton

Dundee vs. Edinburgh West

(matches to be played by January 22, 2017. Teams can mutually agree an earlier date – please inform the TD of the agreed date.)

Spens Cup

Phones v Hamilton (This is a preliminary round match to be played by November 20, 2016. )

Castlehill vs. Wandering Dragons

Bellshill vs. Troon

(Phones or Hamilton) v Irvine

Kilmarnock vs. Edinburgh Civil Service

(matches to be played by January 22, 2017. Teams can mutually agree an earlier date – please inform the TD of the agreed date.)

The Richardson and Spens are both FIDE rated eventsHow to get a FIDE ID.

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