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Selection News, Euro and World Seniors selection info

December 8th, 2016

This page will feature news of events where Chess Scotland will make a selection of players. This page may request that players indicate their interest to the International Director Andrew Burnett by a certain date. See the International page for an overview.


December 9 2016 (added) - World Amateur Chess Championships for men and women with a FIDE rating under 2300

The championships will be held in Spoleto, in the heart of Italy. The dates are April 1st (arrivals and technical meeting) to April 9th 2017 (departures).

Jim Webster has provided with some very useful extra information

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your interest in participating to the World Amateur Chess Championship. Please find below the information needed to complete your registration:

ACCOUNT: Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi
BANK: Banca Popolare di Spoleto ‚Äď sportello di Deruta ‚Äď (PG)
IBAN: IT79 M057 0438 4200 0000 0006 205


You will be asked to pay 60.00 euros to the organizers before February 18th and to get in touch with your national federation so they can pay the 30.00 euros to FIDE (generally they calculate the exchange rate and transfer the money).

Speaking about the accommodation all the information needed will be given by our booking office after filling the form you find on the website, filling it does not mean you are actually booking your staying, it is just a simple way to filter your needs and propose you the best options. You are free to arrive on 31st and I suggest you to look for flights from Stanstead to Perugia which is the nearest airport (only 30 minutes away).

I hope to have answered all your questions, but please feel free to contact me if you need any further assistance.

Best regards Nadia Ottavi


Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi,

0758671282 – 3297954623


Update December 8 2016 РEuropean Senior Team Chess Championship 2017 and World (Senior) Team Chess Championship 50+, 65+ 2017

Those who would like to be considered for selection for Scotland for theses two events should, in the first instance, contact me via

I plan to have teams selected by the 8th of January so closing date for selection is 5th January 2017. If anyone thinks this is rather short notice just tell me – the nature of the event means we can probably add extra teams later, but in the first instance I would like things sorted asap to allow players to book everything as far in advance as possible.

Both events permit multiple teams to be entered into competition, so don’t be put off if your rating is lower than what might be expected of international competition!

Details of the events can be found below and CS will endeavour to help with team registration fees/payment processes/etc where possible.

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2017

Novi Sad, Serbia, 17 March ‚Äď 25 March

(website unavailable at this point in time ‚Äď updates as and when!)

World (Senior) Team Chess Championship 50+, 65+ 2017
Hersonissos, Crete, 23 April – 3 May 2017
Regulations and information can be downloaded at¬† … w&aid=1265


European Senior Chess Championship 2017
Barcelona, Spain 11 August ‚Äď 21 August

World Senior (Individual) Championships 2017
Acqui Terme, Italy 6 November ‚Äď 19 November 2017

These are the dates for the main seniors’ events on the 2017 FIDE calendar. Please contact me if you would like to be included in the group emails which will discuss and arrange teams, travel, accommodation, thoughts and information on these events.
Kind regards,
Andy Burnett (CS International Director)


April 1 2016: (added)

The 16th European Senior Individual Chess Championship will take place in Yerevan, Armenia from the 4th to the 14th June 2016. The tournament will be held in Chess House named after Tigran Petrosian.

The event will be played in two categories:

1) for those who shall have reached the age of 50 (category SENIOR 50+)
2) for those who shall have reached the age of 65 (category SENIOR 65+)

Players who shall have reached the age of 65 by the 31st December 2016 are allowed to participate in the category SENIOR 50+ if they request it.

Women tournaments will be played separately. If in total the women participants are less than nine they will play in the Open tournaments with separate prizes.’

If anyone is interested in playing please contact me as soon as possible via
The official website is here and the regulations here and we have to register participants by April 25th.


March 21, 2016: (update) The World team Championships for 50+ and 65+ will run from 26/06/16 until 04/07/16 in Radebeul, Dresden, Germany.

The cut-off date for team registration is 26/04/16, so I will be looking to pass team selection to our selectors by 12/04/16

Section 50+: Open-Tournament for teams with players aged 50+ (age cutoff date: 31.12.2016)

Section 65+: Open-Tournament for teams with players aged 65+ (age cutoff date: 31.12.2016)

Section Women: Tournament for women’s teams with players aged 50+ (age cutoff date: 31.12.2016)

The website for the event is now up and running, so if those interested could take a look and contact me asap it would be most appreciated (please head any e-mails Dresden Seniors 2016).

There are several players who have already indicated an interest in playing, but more than 1 team per age group can be entered if there is sufficient interest.



Kind regards,

Andy Burnett
(CS International Director)


March 11, 2016 (update) Baku Olympiad update.

The 42nd World Chess Olympiad 2016 will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan from September 1-14 2016.

The following teams will represent Scotland.

Open: 1) GM John Shaw 2) IM Andrew Greet 3) GM Colin McNab 4) FM Iain Gourlay 5) FM Neil Berry.

Due to an unfortunate error in the selection process (entirely the fault of the ID!) the revised women’s team is now:

Women:  1) GM Keti Grant 2) WFM Elaine Bamber 3) Ali Roy 4) WFM Joy Durno 5) Monica Espinosa

1st reserve: Kathleen Rutherford.

Both events are contested over four boards.

The Olympiad will be held at the Crystal Hall, an indoor arena which hosted the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

The event will welcome 2,000 players from 175 countries, while the number of guests is expected to reach up to 3,000.

The budget for the Olympiad is 13.3 million euros. Some 6.8 million euros are set aside for first-class accommodation for the players and delegates. Another 1 will go to the FIDE Commission for World Championships & Olympiads and intellectual rights.

Andy Burnett (CS International Director)

Feb 5, 2016: As the dates for the Baku Olympiad 2016 are currently up in the air, I have decided to postpone the deadline for those interested in playing -and thus the selection process Рuntil February 28th. (Please note: This date may also be subject to change, but will not be brought forward)

Apologies for any confusion, uncertainty or problems this may cause, and also for what has gone before, but things are currently out of my/our hands.

If anyone wishes to contact me directly about this, please do so at

Kind regards,

Andy Burnett (CS International Director)


European Senior Team Championships, 18-28 April 2016 (added Dec 24, 2015 Рupdate Jan 15, 2016)

The following players have been selected to play in the European Senior Team Championship, 18-28 April 2016 in Halkidiki, Greece.

Scotland will be represented by 2 teams of 4 players in the 65+ section, and by one team in the 50+ event. The list below details the players, with board order to be decided later.

50+ Players
Ian Robertson 2151,  Alan Minnican 2131, Raj Bhopal 2002, Alastair Dawson 1891.

65+ Players
Peter Jamieson 2230 FM, Gerald Bonner 2164, Philip Giulian 2141 FM, Alastair White 2065, Alan Scrimgour 2063, Douglas McKerracher 1954, Ian Marks 1875, Jim Webster 1844.


The Euro Senior for teams of 4 players takes place in Greece in April 2016.

The event is divided into two sections: the category 50+ for teams with players who were born in the year 1966 or earlier, and the category 65+ for teams with players who were born in the year 1951 or earlier.

All the games will take place in the conference centre of the 5-star Anthemus Sea Resort, on the Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki, 95 km south of Thessaloniki airport.

In order to make travel and other arrangements as early as possible, would interested parties please contact Andy Burnett, at the address below, to indicate interest before 5th January. I would hope to have teams selected as soon as possible after this date.

The formal deadline for registrations to be completed is 18 February 2016. Full details and regulations for the events are available in each event’s invitation.

Kind regards,

Andy Burnett (CS International Director) Players to contact me at this address (


World Team Olympaid – Azerbaijan 17-30, September 2016 (added Nov26, 2015)¬†The 42nd World Chess Olympiad 2016 is due to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan from 17 September-2016 until 30 September 2016 and Chess Scotland will be looking to field teams in the Open and Women’s events as is usual.

In order to make travel and other arrangements as early as possible, would interested parties please contact me as soon as possible. I would hope to have teams selected by the end of January 2016.

I realise this is very early, but those not selected also need time to reply to alternative tournament organisers, as well as for the reasons mentioned above.

Interested parties include prospective players, team captains, potential selectors, potential sponsors at any level, those with knowledge of travelling to Azerbaijan and anyone who might be interested in coaching prior to the events.

Kind regards,
Andy Burnett (CS International Director)


Cappelle-la-Grande France February 13-20, 2016 (added Nov 25 2015) The 32nd International Open of Cappelle-la-Grande will take place from February 13 till February 20, 2016.

Chess Scotland has been offered 4 places in this event. Entry fee, accommodation (2xtwin rooms) and food is included.

Interested players please contact me before December 20th.

Andy Burnett ( CS International Director)


European Team Championship, Iceland 12/11/2015-22/11/2015 (added Apr 6, 2015 Рupdated October 23, 2015)

The following players have been selected to play in the European Team Championship in Reykjavik, Iceland in November (board order top 3 now decided, website added)

Official website

1) Stephen Mannion

2) Alan Tate

3) Graham Morrison

4) Andrew Muir

5) Andrew Burnett


Would players interested in being selected for the European Team Championships in Iceland in November please contact Andrew Muir by May 29. The event will be contested over 9 rounds. The team will consist of five players of whom four play in each round. Scotland will field one team which will compete in the Open section.

Players have to meet their own travel and accommodation costs. However Chess Scotland will pay a ¬£300 contribution to each player’s expenses.

A link to an event website will be added when known.


Oct 21 2015: World Seniors Chess Championships, Aqui Terme, Italy, 9th-22nd November 2015

Four Scots have entered this event:

50+ Open
Roddy McKay

65+ Open
Craig Pritchett
Douglas McKerracher
Jim Webster

CS wish them all the best and details of the event with live games and scores can be found here…

Official Website:


Sep 18 2015: Anyone who would like to be considered for the following events, please contact me on editor(at) or abburnett (at)

(Note: Please do not use the international director e-mail address for the time being!)

Cappelle la Grande (France)    13-20 February, 2016.

British Championships ¬†(Bournemouth, England)¬†23¬†July ‚Äď 6¬†August, 2016.¬†¬†

Olympiad  (Baku, Azerbaijan)  17-30 September, 2016. 


Seniors events

Seniors World Individual  (Acqui Terme, Italy)   9-22 November, 2015. 

Seniors European Team Championship  (Greece) 18-27 April, 2016.

Seniors European Individual  (Armenia)    25 May-5 June, 2016.

Seniors World Team Championship (Dresden, Germany)  26 June-4 July, 2016. 

 Many thanks,

Andy Burnett

International Director


European Senior Team, Vienna 12/7/2015-20/7/2015 (added Jan 17, 2015)

The age limits are 60+ (50+ females) and official deadline 31/3/2015. CS deadline to indicate an interest to participate is 14/2/2015 – please contact Andrew Muir. Regulations – pdf


World Senior Team (over 50) Dresden 24/2/2015-4/3/2015 (updated Dec 22, 2014)

Scotland have selected two teams.

Team A: 1. Colin McNab, 2. Stephen Mannion, 3. Roddy McKay, 4. Douglas Bryson, 5. Alan Minnican.

Team B: 1. Jim Stevenson, 2. Alan Scrimgour, 3. Alastair Dawson, 4. Richard Jennings.



Cappelle la Grande 28/2/2015-7/3/2015 (added Nov 1, 2014)

If interested in securing a nominated place please contact Andrew Muir by Nov 30.


Basque International Chess Festival, 29 November (updated Nov 17, 2014) The team selected for the match against the Basque Federation is announced.

1) IM Andrew Greet, 2) GM Colin McNab, 3) IM Steve Mannion, 4) Clement Sreeves, 5) Jonathan Grant, 6) Elaine Bamber.

Oct 2: Chess Scotland have accepted an invitation to play the Basque Chess Federation on Saturday 29 November 2014 in Azkoitia, Spain. Teams will consist of 4 male and 2 female players. It is expected that the Basque Chess Federation will meet costs.

Players who wish to be available for selection should contact Andrew Muir by midnight Saturday 11 October.


British Championships, Aberystwyth, 19 July-2 August (added April 24, 2014) If anyone wishes a Chess Scotland nominated place, please contact Andrew Muir by 15 May.

World Senior Team Championship , Vilnius, Lithuania, 12-22 July  (added April 24, 2014) Scotland shall send one team: 1 David Findlay, 2 Alastair White, 3 Stephen Hilton, 4 Alastair Dawson.


Tromso Olympiad 2014 (updated April 3, 2014)

The selectors have chosen the following teams for the Olympiad to be held in Norway (1-14 August, 2014):

Open team:

IM Andrew Greet, IM Roddy McKay, GM Colin McNab, GM John Shaw, FM Alan Tate. The board order will be announced nearer the event.  Captain: IM Andrew Muir

 Women’s team: 

1 Keti Arakhamia, 2 Elaine Bamber, 3 Heather Lang, 4 Ali Roy, 5 Carey Groves (in board order). Captain: Jonathan Grant


Cappelle la Grande, France – 1-8 March 2014 (updated Jan 24, 2014)

Selections: Steve Mannion. Alan Tate.


Euro Senior events (updated Jan 20, 2014)

European Senior Championship ‚Äď Oporto, Portugal, 8/3/14-18/3/14
Philip Giulian, Douglas McKerracher and Craig Pritchett are playing

European Senior Team Championship ‚Äď Sibenik , Croatia 31/3/14-10/4/14
Scotland are sending two teams:
Scotland A
1 Philip Giulian
2 Peter Jamieson
3 Ian Robertson
4 Alan Scrimgour

Scotland B
1 Alastair White
2 Alan Borwell
3 Douglas McKerracher
4 Ian Marks


Euro Senior Team – Croatia (added Jan 10, 2014) Player wanted for European Senior Team Championship European Senior Team Championship – Sibenik , Croatia 31/3/14-10/4/14.
We have seven strong players available but need one more to make up two teams of four. Player should be aged over 50 by 31/12/14.

Please contact Andy Muir if interested

Tromso Olympiad 2014 (updated Jan 8, 2014)

The selectors have chosen the following Women’s team for the Olympiad to be held in Norway (1-14 August, 2014):

1 Keti Arakhamia
2 Elaine Bamber
3-5 Carey Groves, Heather Lang, Ali Roy (the order of boards 3-5 will be decided later)

Reserves : 1. Joy Durno 2 Rosie Giulian


Seniors Chess (updated Dec 17, 2013) The age limits for senior chess used to be 60 for males and 50 for females. This has all changed in 2014. The new age limit is 50 for both sexes with an additional over 65 category.

Players may wish to consider the following events :

1. European Senior Championship – Oporto, Portugal, 8/3/14-18/3/14

2. European Senior Team Championship – Sibenik , Croatia 31/3/14-10/4/14

3. World Senior Team Championship – Vilnius , Lithuania 13/7/14-20/7/14

If you are interested contact Andy Muir by 15/1/2014 for Oporto & Sibenik, 28/2/2014 for Vilnius.


European Individual Championship 2014  (updated Oct 18, 2013)

The European Individual Championship 2014 will be held on March 2-15, 2014 in Yerevan, Armenia. The venue of the championship is Yerevan Business Centre. The tournament is planned to honour the memory of the 9th World Champion Tigran Petrosian, marking his 85th birthday anniversary, reported.

If anyone wishes to be the CS nomination please contact me by November 18.


World Seniors Championships, Croatia 11/11-24/11 (Added Oct 23, 2013)

Selection: Craig Pritchett. Others playing : Phil Guilian, Douglas McKerracher, Ian Marks


Cappelle la Grande, France – 1-8 March 2014 (updated Oct 23, 2013)

Selections: Craig Pritchett, Steve Burns-Mannion. We have asked if Alan Tate can also get conditions.

Scotland has 2 nominated places in this event in which the players receive accommodation and meal conditions. Please contact Andrew Muir by October 15 2013 to express an interest.


European Team Championship (updated July 3, 2013)

This takes place from 7-18 November in Warsaw, Poland. The team in board order has now been selected.

1) Graham Morrison

2) Andrew Muir

3) Alan Tate

4) Jonathan Grant

5) Alan Minnican

Preview: This takes place from 7-18 November in Warsaw, Poland. Players must pay their own travel and accommodation costs though I am expecting Chess Scotland to pay £300 of these per player.

If you would like to be considered for selection please contact me by 15 June.


British Championship (Added Mar 1, 2013)

This will take place in the Riviera Centre, Torquay from 27th July ‚Äď 10th August 2013. If you wish considered for one of the four Chess Scotland nominated places please contact me by 15 April 2013.

(Update May 14, 2013) Nominated places go to D. Grant, K. Emery


European Senior Team Championship

This will take place in Dresden, Germany from 20th – 28th July 2013. If there is sufficient interest Chess Scotland will send two teams.

Men who have reached the age of 60 and women who have reached the age of 50 by 31st December 2013 are entitled to participate.

Players must pay their own costs. I will try and obtain Chess Scotland funding for the 40 euro entry fee for the A team players.

If you wish to be considered and are definitely available to play, please contact me by 15 April 2013.

(Update May 14, 2013) Team is: P Giulian , R Bhopal, I Marks, A Dawson


World Seniors Championships, Greece (Added Aug 13, 2012)

The World Seniors Championships for men (aged 60 and over in 2012) and women (50 and over) take place at Kamena Vourla, Greece 12-25 November 2012. See full entry details at the official event website:

In accordance with Section 2 at the event website, would any interested Scottish participants please (a) register directly with the organisers (at: and (b) inform Chess Scotland of your intention to play (at to ensure compliance with the FIDE requirement for oversight by national federations – all entrants must be members of their national federation. Entrants will have to finance their own costs in full.

Deadline for the registrations is Monday 1 October 2012.



Istanbul Olympiad, Turkey (Added July 11, 2012)

GM Sarunas Sulskis of Lithuania has been appointed captain of the Scotland Open team for the forthcoming Olympiad in Turkey. Sulskis won the Prestwick Congress in May.

Lara Barnes has been appointed Women’s Team captain.

GM Keith Arkell, who had been appointed captain earlier, had to withdraw for personal reasons.

The squads have been announced for the Istanbul Olympiad which will take place August 27 – September 10. Official Olympiad website.

GM Colin McNab
GM Keti Arakhamia
GM John Shaw
FM Alan Tate
FM Graham Morrison

Heather Lang
Ali Roy
Rosie Giulian
WFM Joy Durno
Alice Lampard


British Championship 2012 (Added April 2, 2012)

Scotland has nominated places available for this years event to be held at the The Parks Leisure Centre in North Shields from Sunday 22 July ‚Äď Saturday 4 August 2012. Contact Andrew Muir to express an interest.

There may be financial or accommodation assistance to GMs Рcontact directly to enquire.


European Senior Individual – Lithuania (Added Feb 24 2012)

18-26 August 2012
Please contact Andrew Muir by 31 March if interested.
I am hoping CS budget will cover entry fees.


EURO SENIOR TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: (Added Nov 15 and update Jan 7)

Finalised teams:

Philip Giulian FM
Peter Jamieson FM
Gerald Bonner
Alastair White (captain)
Alan Borwell

Douglas McKerracher (captain)
Ian Marks
Stephen Smith
George Murphy
Hugh Flockhart

Thanks to Alan Borwell for help with administration. Our 2 IMs Craig Pritchett & Roddy McKay could not play this time but maybe they can play next year.

Preview: This will take place in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia from 26th March until 5th April 2012. If there is sufficient interest Chess Scotland will send two or even three teams.
Players must pay their own costs. In 2010, Scotland finished 10th and in 2011 they finished 11th.
Entitled to participate are men who have reached the age of 60 years and women who have reached the age of 50 years, by 1st January 2012.”
If you are definitely available to play, please contact Andrew Muir by 15 December 2011


CAPPELLE LA GRANDE: (Added January 3)

The 28th International Open of Cappelle la Grande will take place 3 – 10 March 2012 in the Palais des Arts.

Only Alan Tate & Martin Mitchell contacted me so they get the nominations.



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