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2014 Junior International Events

I am certain Rachel will get her chance to represent Scotland at international events in the future. She has real talent. However, you must give consideration to other improving juniors that are working hard to force themselves into contention for a Glorney event place.

In the interests of transparency (a principle most respectable professional bodies would embrace) I have asked what should be considered a completely appropriate question deserving of a completely factual answer.
Anyway, whatever, I give up - don't worry, I won't be posting again ; what would be the point.

I wouldn't use the forum as your sole medium of establishing this information (and I'm not saying you are - just that you shouldn't), as not everyone involved in making these decisions is a regular on the forum.
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Above is a link to the infamous Fide events calendar. When events are confirmed (that's a laugh) print turns to bold. If an event is not confirmed the type remains light. Have a look down the European events and you will notice the EU Youth event that started a couple of days ago and four of our juniors are playing in. Is the event in bold? No. Is it in Malenovice? No. The 2014 Euroyouth was on the calendar based in Tbilisi in August. Is it now in Tbilisi? No. Is it in August? No.

The 2014 U16 Olympiad dates and venue were on the calendar. The organisers cancelled it at short notice (it has hurriedly been rescheduled for Hungary in December).

A few years ago Scottish juniors were all set to go to an event in Turkey, they even had their flights booked. Guess what happened? The organisers changed the dates and venue.

In short, it's difficult to plan far in advance.
Fantastic result for Rachel at the Lothians event.
Promising performance by Craig Gillies at the Lothians event

Scored grade + 669

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