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Gordon H Davies
This is a sad day for me personally as well as for many other chess players. At lunchtime, Julia, Gordon Davies's daughter 'phoned to say that her dad had died on 7 January. It was a very sudden death which has come as a complete shock to everyone.

Gordon was one of my closest friends, we climbed Munros together as well as having an interest in chess. Many personal memories of Gordon include the first time I met him and benefitted from his compassion. An act of kindness to a stranger is always significant but, as I later found out was very typical of Gordon. Gordon and I enjoyed many a laugh together and used to compete in telling each other corny jokes as we enjoyed a meal or as we tramped around the hills.

As a chess player, Gordon was a very talented junior and, although other responsibilities rather 'got in the way' of his chess development, he remained a strong club player. Gordon undertook a variety of roles within Pentland Hills Chess Club as well as Chess Edinburgh.

We will all miss Gordon.

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