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Obituary to Colin Heathcote 1955-2013
Colin was born and grew up in Thurmaston, Leicestershire before going to Liverpool University where he gained his degree in Physics. He subsequently studied for his PhD in ‘Geophysics applied to Archaeology’ at Bradford University.

Soon after this he changed career and branched into computer programming. He came to Aberdeen in the early 1990’s after being offered a software position within the Oil industry, Colin helped to identify and solve problems encountered by users of advanced software for modelling oil and gas reservoirs. In reflection of his ability, he tended to receive the most complex tasks for resolution.

Colin had played chess since Junior school and soon after arriving in Aberdeen he joined his local Chess Club in Newmachar School - little did he know that it was predominantly a Junior Club, at the time, and he quickly got inveigled into helping with the coaching of the young chess players! His efforts, along with the other coaches, paid off and Newmachar Chess Club had over a dozen junior international chess players between the early 90’s and the first few years of this Millennium. Colin was never renowned for being the fastest player and on one occasion when the club was going to hold a fun blitz tournament, with the kids and coaches, his reaction was : “ What? I take 5 minutes for one move never mind the whole game”! He then proceeded to wipe the floor with everyone!

In addition to helping on the coaching side, Colin was a senior adult club player for Newmachar in the North-East of Scotland Chess league and a regular attendee at local congresses. He was a keen advocate of the Scotch opening and was content playing both open and closed positions as circumstances demanded. He was a member of the Newmachar team that won the North-East of Scotland Chess League in 2002. He always welcomed the opportunity to hone his skills against higher graded players and captained one of the Newmachar teams on board 1 during the 2011/12 season and won a grading prize at the Dundee congress during the same year. He was a keen correspondence chess player and when the Internet became popular he sometimes had as many as 30 games on the go at the same time!

Colin very much enjoyed the social side of chess. While working in Stavanger he took the opportunity to play a few games over a pint of beer after work. He also enjoyed visits to play chess at the local Hotel, which was the club's holiday venue. He was a keen fisherman although he never ate anything he caught as he hated the taste of them!

Colin is survived by his wife, Christine, his 3 daughters and parents.

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