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World Youth Maribor Slovenia
We have all just come back from a nice meal together on our last night here. We managed to hold it pretty well together scoring wise to the end with a few inevitable ups and downs but in general, pretty steady all round.
It's so important at these events that everyone gets on the scoreboard and doesn't become detached, morale throughout the squad always gets a great lift when everyone is scoring points.
The general feeling here, throughout not just ourselves but other countries too, is that the standard of this tournament was as high as we have seen. All the core strength of central and eastern Europe plus the best of the strongest countries from far beyond.
As far as I can make out everyone seemed happy with the level of coaching and organisational support provided and I feel we have taken another step forward on that front. A big thank you from me to Alan, Calum and the parents but most of all to the players whose behaviour and application was exemplary throughout.


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