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World Youth Maribor Slovenia
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I was just double checking all was present and correct in our entries for this top event next month. I noticed that in the open U12 event there are 193 entries. I believe the bottom player gets a bye. So it's top 1 to 96 v 97 to 192. The boy seeded 1 from the USA is graded 2336. The boy seeded 97 ? Someone we know well!
This must surely be on a live board and I hope everyone turns up for this game to take place. Can't wait!
I thought the bye went to the player in the middle - player 97 in the case of the under 12's.
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David G Congalton Wrote:I thought the bye went to the player in the middle - player 97 in the case of the under 12's.

Think in most FIDE events the bottom seed gets the bye.

I thought that too until a few weeks ago. I can't actually recall the event but the bottom player did indeed drop out. Don't think this will be in the usual regulations.
Maybe Alex or Andy could shed some light on this one. It obviously will aid our preparation. I notice in the U14 Open section Jamie is the lowest seeded (It's because all ungraded players are listed alphabetically).
It just dawned on me. It was at the U16 Olympiad in Istanbul. Sweden were the bottom seed and dropped out in round 1.
According to FIDE pairing rules

Quote:If in any round the number of participants is uneven, the Bye is awarded to the player with the lowest rank in the lowest score-group.

There will be withdrawals and late entries so round 1 is hard to prepare for
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Thanks Andy.

Hope there are not too many changes and if there are there will be an even number in each half of the draw. Will keep an eye on it. Board 1 World Youth- they don't come any better than that.
Why are the Chess Scotland rules different from FIDE rules?
Well, there's one thing. Unless Jimmy Zebedee enters the same section as Jamie, the headlines will be "Jamie Underwood joint leader of World Youth".
Clement Sreeves Wrote:Why are the Chess Scotland rules different from FIDE rules?

Because we think ours are more logical!!!

The median would play the lowest seed if there was an extra player. Therefore it seems logical that they should also play bye. In addition. why give the lowest rated player the bye (I know that's not really the case here) and then have them out of their depth for a few rounds playing much higher rated opponents who had earned their point. In the days when the British bye went to the lowest I had players asking for a half point or zero point bye for that very reason.

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