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U16 Olympiad Istanbul
Quote:Robin, can you tell Andrew to charge his phone please??

Linda was that not on the list? the list that included, wash behind your ears, wear clean socks everyday, dont leave a piece en pris etc etc Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Looks like the website has been updated again and we are up against Slovakia B:

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It looks like only the top 12 matches are on the live board. We are match 17 today.

Good Luck guys!
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
I can only say sımply that we are off to a flyer here. We beat Slovakıa B 2½-1½. Andrew lost ın a wıld tactıcal game where hıs kıng was left exposed ın the centre of the board. Murad looked better then worse then better and went for a knıght sac that he thought wrongly may be wınnıng but got a perpetual. Danıel was ın a tough posıtıon but forced hıs e-pawn up to the 7th and was able to combıne wıth a rook and bıshop to wın a pıece. Ian was playıng the boy who had just won the bronze medal at U12 ın the Euroyouth but ın a great tactıcal game fırst of all nearly mated hım but then won a pıece and fınıshed hım off easıly. So a great start and naturally we are chuffed to bıts but no doubt we wıll have an ınterestıng opponent tomorrow mornıng ın round 2,

A fantastic result. Really pleased for Daniel. Keep it going lads. Big Grin
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Fantastic result guys! Big Grin

Looks like it is Sweden tomorrow morning and by my reckoning we should be on the live boards. Two games tomorrow as well so for any of us wanting to tune in live its an 8am start.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Well done to the team!!!!!

Have spoken to Andrew who said he was caught out by an opening he had not came up against before and ended up a pawn down early on. He is having a great time even although the food is worse than in Mureck (not possible :\ ) plus they cannot lock their room door and have to lock their valuables in a safe Sad Best bit according to Andrew is that they are getting to rub shoulders with some of the current chess giants of the world =)

Swedish team tomorrow morning and Andrew told me they are all girls. He seemed quite pleased................think being at the Marymass and spending time with the likes of Mr McGovern and Mr Gillespie has had a dubious effect on Andrew ;|
In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.........
You seem quite happy to chat with the boys. (Of all ages.)
Andy McCulloch Wrote:You seem quite happy to chat with the boys. (Of all ages.)

Live Boards:
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The games are about halfway down the list and are just about to kick off.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Andrew should be won - opponent has just blundered on the 9th move with Be6 setting herself up for a big fork. 1-0 hopefully!
Ian routed his opponent while Murad's opponent took a perpetual - 1.5-0.5, so looking good! 8)

Zak's game looks like a heavy manoeuvring affair, not that I know too much about e4 e5 efforts. Andrew looks to have converted his extra piece into a bishop and is well on the way to winning. Come on Scotland!

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