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European Youth
Good luck to all involved!

The food in Prague should be fine (unless you are very unlucky) - any vegetarians (who like cheese) should try 'Smazeny syr, hranolky a tatarska omacka'. It was my staple diet for weeks! Of course Prague has all the big-name fast-food chains, but do the kids a favour and introduce them to the local cuisine Tongue (Anything beginning with 'knedl-' is usually quite tasty)
'Duchatove buchticky' and Parene buchtyare good desserts (and Gambrinus is a good beer if that's allowed) - OK, now I am hungry!
Update: everyone has arrived and checked into the hotel. Ominously smooth so far, by far the greatest difficulty we've encountered so far was faced by myself and Alan attempting to acquire an internet connection.

Morale seems reasonably high so far, hotel seems reasonably nice ... so far so good. Will post something more detailed tomorrow. Thanks for the support, folks.
Opening ceremony looks like fun. Hope our kids were there - and the junior team. Big Grin Battles, flaming whirly things and fireworks - now what does that remind me of? ;P

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Good luck everyone!
The first round draw is now up and as always, it's going to be tough in this opening round. However, no surprises for us, we are nearly always in the bottom half of the grading order. I was hoping we would maybe be on a live board or two today (Anna looks to have the best chance of this) but the website seems to be either down or going very slow.


Can you track down a link to any live games if there is one please?
robin moore Wrote:Can you track down a link to any live games if there is one please?

Games start at 15.00 Prague - 14.00 UK.

There was a live game link on the main website. However site has got much slower today - all these extra hits perhaps. The "Games" menu had a "live" tab which has been removed.

Chessdom has a live link here but no indication as yet of what it will contain

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Live link on Euroyouth site is up. A brief look and Ali and Anna feature.
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Great stuff! Two other players I notice on the live boards today who may do well at this overall event,
In the u14 boys-Conor O'Donnell from Ireland
In the U10 girls-Stephanie du Toit from Wales
just noticed that the two players I mention above have both got black against the number 1 seed in their agegroup. Welcome to the Euroyouth!
Ali Roy's game is on now on Chessdom.

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