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Nice win for Andrew.

He has certainly roared back from his start. Excellent determination and commitment to turn his form around and to stay positive. A mark of a great chess player.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
In addition to Andrew's win, Stuart and Robert both got draws today.
Just want to let everyone know that we have all returned safely from Mureck (apart from Kirsty who is sporting a black eye after having slipped at the swimming pool Sad )

Stuart, Robert, Andrew and Kirsty all had a wonderful experience playing in this tournament and I am sure they will all have returned to Scotland stronger chess players. All four juniors were a credit to Scotland showing a high degree of sportsmanship and a huge commitment to chess. Thank you to everyone who posted comments of support for the juniors. I made sure they were all aware of them =)

Finally we would all like to thank Hamish for his coaching support and for being a good Head of Delegation.
In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.........
Good news Linda, except for the black eye! =) Well done all.

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