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The Scottish squad for the EU Youth Championships, held in Mureck is as follows:

U14 - Andrew McCusker, Stuart Wynne
U12 - Kirsty McCusker
U10 - Robert Pirrie
Head of Delegation- Hamish Glen

They have arrived safely in Austria and are on their way to the hotel, which is the same one as last year so they will have very limited internet access.

The first round is on Wednesday. Good luck to all four.
Good luck! Big Grin
For the last couple of days I have been trying to track down any official looking website for the event but the best I can come up with is this one..

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If anyone can find a better link please let Dougie know and we will get it posted up on the homepage,

That site in itself gives limited information, Robin, but it links into the following which gives the u12 details and the u10 and u14s are easily accessed.

If it is anything like last year, this site is updated fairly quickly, which is helpful as it allowed me to text Phil with the following day's opponents and some of the openings that they used. It was the only way that they could get the information given the lack of internet access and the remoteness of the hotel, and I have agreed to do the same this year.
Thanks Derek. Do you know if there is internet access at the playing venue?
Yes, I understand that there is Internet access at the venue, Robin, but it may only be in one specific area.
Derek, Please let the guys know that the situation last year was that internet access was available in a room that was locked until play started. But since it was Wifi it was feasible to connect to it from outside the room before play started in order to do any last minute prep.
Just been having a quick guesstimate at the possible first round draw and notice that Kirsty may get Diana Mirza, the Irish girl that did so well in the Scottish Championships and the Faber/Gilbert.
Robert is on a live board this afternoon. Tricky game against a 1472 from Slovenia.

Click on "Live Games" then on "LIve (Links)" on the EU 10 line towards the bottom right of the page.
Draw for Stuart.

Losses for Andrew and Robert.

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