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Correct support for The Scotland Junior International Squad
Starting a new thread because I don't wish to hog the 'Goals' thread.

I must thank Andrew for that thread because clearly it's good to set goals from top to bottom.

Here's a point to our elected representatives. Currently Fide the International Body of Chess has potential support for our juniors to attend The World Youth, European Youth, Under 16 Olympiad and Under 20 World Youth of over £20,000.

They are outstripping our own country Britain/Scotland in terms of money that actually goes to support our Juniors attend these events by at least 5 to 1. That is a lamentable situation.

Will use this thread to prepare notes for approaching my MP and MSP.

Those who wish to see our juniors better supported please feel free to add their ideas to this thread.
Firstly can I say these are my personal ramblings and not official ones of Chess Scotland although they would be pretty much the same.

I could not agree more with Angus,

It is an absolute disgrace that parents have to constantly fork out for their kids to represent Scotland. I often wonder if we would be better funded if we were considered a sport (and please do not use this thread for that debate!). This is a question we are going to have to resolve and go with the option that gives us the best deal for our players. The question of who is going to play for Scotland should not be financial.

I find it frustrating when, for example, Players and Officials are asked to go abroad to represent Scotland and funded but Parents are asked to fund the juniors. It just does not sit right. Nobody should be out of pocket when asked to represent their country. The Adult International budget has to fund a single event a year. The Junior one has expanded from 4 to 6. They have almost identical budgets.

This is not a plea to reduce funding from the adults, that is not the solution here nor is it something that we should be entertaining. The reality is we need to get more money in to allow us to finance the juniors. Lets not forget, these are the future of Scottish Chess.

Here is something that I shocked the Education Department with earlier in the year. Lichtenstein, Popultation about 33,000. About the same as Hamilton. Annual grant from the Government, €80,000. Almost 8 times what we get. There are many other examples.

I am hopeful with the success of FIDE and the ECU on getting Chess in the Curriculum discussed at the European Parliament will stimulate a growth of chess in Scotland, along with an increase in funding from the Government.

In case anyone is wondering, the amounts we are talking about here are negligable. In fact the reality is we can do a lot of what we want to do if our grant was increased by 1 MSP salary!

Angus, go for it. If you think you can make a difference, then you have my support. I like the idea of a multi pronged attack! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Quote:Currently Fide the International Body of Chess has potential support for our juniors to attend The World Youth, European Youth, Under 16 Olympiad and Under 20 World Youth of over £20,000.

I'm not sure I understand this part Angus (perhaps I'm being a bit dim?!)
andyburnett Wrote:
Quote:Currently Fide the International Body of Chess has potential support for our juniors to attend The World Youth, European Youth, Under 16 Olympiad and Under 20 World Youth of over £20,000.

I'm not sure I understand this part Angus (perhaps I'm being a bit dim?!)

I think Angus is referring to the fact that FIDE provides accommodation and full board for one player in each age category at each international tournament for each national team.

I am intending on visiting my local MSP to discuss this issue as well and I fully support Angus in this endeavour. Perhaps if more of us lobbied the government it could unlock extra funding for CS. It certainly can't hurt to try. Big Grin
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!

There are a few logical assumptions backed up by facts to arrive at this figure.

1. We need to agree that having a World Youth, European Youth, World under 20, and World under 16 Team Olympiad events is a good idea and that Scotland should be represented at the events.

So if we agree this and we agree that Scotland should be represented what does Fide do to encourage participation.

Firstly they have to find a venue suitable for 1000 players and around 1000 arbiters, officials, chaperones, parents of younger players. There has to be 1 venue so apart from the home country other countries are going to have travel expenses. This is unavoidable. We can't expect Fide to pay the travel expenses in my opinion.

What they do do is give free accomodation including all meals for the duration of the event for the 1st choice at all agegroups. Because these events are usually held at holiday resort events where there are enough hotels of good toursit quality then the costs of this free accomodation for 10 day events is roughly £500 per player. They also give free accomodation to 1 coach/head of delegation. So at The World Youth and European Youth there is a free accomodation place available to the first choice at 24 age groups. Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 open. and same agegroups for girls.
24xs £500 = £12,000 and I havn't even covered the Under 16 team Olympiad where 4 players get free accomodation and the under 20 event where 2 players get free accomodation.

There are registration fees for all players including those getting the free accomodation place and they generally total between £ 120 to £180 but I think this is like an entry fee and covers some payments for arbiters, officials and equipment a bit like an entry fee.
Now if the UK/Scottish government matched this and put forward £12,000 to support those 48 players at the Wold Youth and European Youth, Chess would get the boost it merits and the youngsters could feel that their own country supported them as much as FIDE. A reasonable request in my opinion.

I had to edit post because the free accomodation at these events including head of delegation free place is totalling about £15,500 not the £20,000 I had mentioned. Still £15,500 to support our Junior International squad would be a step in the right direction.

Andy H,

Yes! You are correct. Ability to represent your country as a Junior shouldn't depend on your parents bank balance but on your ability. The fact that MP's and MSP's don't seem to fussed at present about that situation is curious. You'd think they'd see the potential injustice to talented children. They are pretty good at outgoings and incomings when it relates to themselves after all. Britain/Scotland should be able to support it's talented youngsters to play on the World and European stage. Last time I looked we were in the top 7 economies in the World.

Also thanks for the info about Luxembourg. It's not just Scottish parents like me whinging. We actually know we are getting a raw deal! :-)

If you include the EU championship at Mureck in Austria, £20k is indeed about the correct total,

Thanks Robin
Thanks gentlemen, I knew I was missing something obvious Sad Although, without wishing to sidetrack the issue isn't it the organising nation(s) who have to cover these costs (included in their bids) who then recoup the money by charging exorbitant extra fees here, there and everywhere?!

Anyway, funding of some sort is a necessity. Lobbying is worth a try, but another (Baldric-esque perhaps, but worth a try) idea is raising money through public events (as some other groups have to do) but make sure that the press coverage is well aware of what our government ISN'T doing to help at every event, and shame them into making a commitment of sorts? I realise shame might be a peculiar notion to many of our politicians, but the media love having a dig at these guys =)

Alternatively,or additionally, I (and many others I would imagine) would have no problem paying a £1 'junior international levy' at each congress/tournament I play in if I knew it was being used for our national junior teams, allowing for them to compete on a more even footing with other nations.

Corporate sponsorship, even in this climate, is an option also (provided we aren't asking for too much!) e.g. Stagecoach sponsors Scotland's junior travels, The Woollen Mill sponsors team shirts etc. you get the idea.

Try to find out if the anonymous benefactor of the Scottish might be interested in helping out in some way.

Just a few ideas which I'm sure have been thought of and discussed over and over already, but traditional lobbying for funding at this time is, sadly, a bit of a long shot in my opinion.
Shame them publicly (but in an innocent sort of way!), and see who pops up with a bagful of cash for us Big Grin
Andy B,

I'm sure The juniors and parents! appreciate your supportive comments and willingness to put a £1 a go at tournaments into the kitty. That would quickly mount up!! but I personally really want Government to get it together and support the Youngsters.

I started off early doors explaining the kind of things that they are spending money on.

I don't accept that they don't have the money! and I won't accept that as an answer from any MP or MSP.
I'm focussed. They are going to get behind our youngsters.

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