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Glorney 2012
U12 Bd 4: loss for Colin
U12 Bd 2: loss for Kai

Final Score: Scotland 3½ - 2½ Ireland

U14 Bd 5: win for Stuart

For anyone not following the live games, a couple of results from the Glorney:

Bd 2: win for Hamish

Bd 4: loss for David
Glorney Bd 5: draw for Daniel
What is the time control for the Glorney?

Thanks for the updates Donald.
Time control ia all moves in 2 hours.

U14 Bd 2: win for Andrew

So that's another match won.
Faber Bd 1: win for Ali
Glorney Bd 1: draw for Andrew

Ian is a pawn up, so things look OK there.

The fire alarm has just gone off - just a test, but not at the brightest of times.
Final results:

Glorney Bd 3: win for Ian

Final score: Scotland 3 - 2 Ireland

Faber Bd 2: draw for Alice

Final score: Scotland 2 - 1 Ireland

U14 Bd 1: win for Lennart

Final score: Scotland 5 - 1 Ireland

Four matches won out of four!

But this afternoon we face England. Morale is high, so I think we are ready. The coaches are putting their databases to work preparing the troops.

Afternoon round starts at 14:30.
Here are a few photos from Donald's camera:

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To add to (or perhaps finish?!) the great gastronomy debate, the hotel are providing the same deal as they do for the Junior 4NCL (see last two photos in the batch). There's also a Tesco 500m away.

On another topic, it's fantastic being involved in my first Scottish Faber campaign for a long time. And a pleasure to work with three players who obviously enjoy their chess so much.
"Heather's clever book" - as plugged by the Rampant Chess team.
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A great start! Just a bit of background stuff....

We feel we are well prepared and I personally was hoping we would get England first in the hope that they would underestimate us. However, you can't have everything but I am obviously delighted to be off and running and a few people on the phone are too. This is going to be much tougher this afternoon and Donald and the coaching team are trying to keep everyone focused and their feet firmly on the ground. We are under no illusions the task we face in this match,


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