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Glorney 2012
We have Ireland this morning in the Glorney. They have pulled a bit of a fast one by fielding a quite different side than the one on their website. We knew one of their announced players would be missing, but now that it is two their team is a little weaker probably but more importantly for us, most of our prep is out the window,

Good luck to all our teams! Big Grin
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Posted a link for the action on the live games section of the noticeboard
Andy Howie Wrote:Angus, Jacqui

I'm not normally at the Glorney as it is so close to the Scottish and British. I can't get four weeks off work together like that. Can I ask how the costs compare verses the trip to Ireland or Wales? We are due to go back there when the Welsh hold it but given the calls and emails I have received I am beginning to think we need object to it.

Scotland 2009 -
£125 for 3 nights inclusive of all meals & flats equipped with tea/coff/milk & lots extras (drink & snacks)

Wales 2010 -
£120 for 4 nights B & B only - we had to get the lunches & evening meals sorted ourselves & charged £40 extra in total then £160. travel costs met by CS to ensure everyone travelled together. Wales provided squash & tea/cof but all other drinks & snacks we did ourselves inclusive.

Ireland 2011 -
250 euros for 4 nights inclusive of all meals - hosts only provided water for players as an extra. Travel expenses met by CS.

England 2012 -
Various costs depending on rooming but 3 sharing is £128.66 for 4 nights B & B & coach travel. The rest you know re food.

Perhaps we need to introduce some more recent facts into this discussion.

The evening meal is, in fact, £6.50 for a three-course meal for a child, £13.00 for an adult. The restaurant staff are accepting that all the players and anyone else in the same age range is a child. And the meals are very good, even if they are more attractive to adults than to children. Bar prices are another matter entirely, but nobody has to buy food at the bar.

Lunch is not going to be a packed affair: it will be more buffet style, where you pay for what you eat (don't know yet about price or quality). There will be hot food available (or so Peter Purland tells me) at both lunch-time and in the evening, as an alternative to the restaurant (where service is, shall we say, slow).

On the double bed issue, the hotel has now put an extra bed in each of the rooms where "triple" turned out to be two doubles, so there are no worries now on that score - and nobody had to share a bed last night.

Turning now to the real reason why we are all here, the first results are starting to come in:

U12 Bd 5: win for Euan

U14 Bd 5: loss for Fergus

U12 Bd 3: draw for Declan
More results:

Faber Bd 3: draw for Anna (surviving a really tricky position against Diana Mirza, who had a really good performance in the Scottish last week)

U12 Bd 1: win for Murad
U12 Bd 5: win for Liam

So we have already won our first match!
Thanks for the update Donald.

Sounds like all players are getting evening meal for £6.50 so much better. Hopefully some of the benefit can be shared out with the chaperones :-)

Thanks also Jacqui for the comparisons. Daventry appears in line so it's my memory and age that's at fault, not to mention the joints, hair loss err where was I? so apologies.

Some really strong results coming in against strong opposition. :-)
U14 Bd 3: win for Alexander
U14 Bd 4: win for Jamie

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