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Glorney 2012
£13 for an evening meal each night for 4 nights for a junior who is already paying to play for their country is just not on. If they can't arrange a deal for all the players then they shouldn't have gone to this venue. The over 16s in an under 18 event are expected to pay double what the other players are paying. The Glorney and Faber are events for our top Juniors and they should get better treatment than this.

Was a deal not sorted? That seems a bit steep for an evening meal!

Am I reading that correctly, £13 for an evening meal and £26 for over 16's? Please tell me I am reading that wrongly.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

It's £13.50 I think for the evening meal for the over 16s which is I reckon 6 out of 8 of those playing in the Glorney/Faber teams. All the others will pay £6.50/night.
Now. It's Already cost £124 to send Ian to play for his country for this event and advice was that the teams should all eat together. What was done to try and reduce the cost for these meals for those juniors playing for their country? It seems the privilege/honour of playing for your country within the UK comes gets more costly. Do they wish to support those playing the Glorney/Faber events?
I called the hotel on 25 June & asked about lunches as there was nothing in place at that point & was told by their staff that a beefburger at the bar is £14 & a glass of coke is £3.

You got a discount on the accommodation B & B as we have got exactly the same & was charged £128
You are right it was £128.66 not £124
My point is really! Why are they using a place where it's £14 for a burger at the bar?
Or £13.50 for an evening meal? Is there no benefactor out there prepared to back the young talented players? and don't I look like the bad one for questioning it?
Well, it appears some organisers think parents have a bottomless pit of money and that they'll foot the bill always. As for Andy thinking that I might have been suggesting it was £26 for evening meal well at £14 for a burger it was just about possible.
Teams eating together good but all paying the same price would be better!
The organisers know full well the Glorney and Faber are under 18 events and they should have made their pitch for prices at those age limits. Should be obvious.
Totally agree with your comments. I know you have said in the past that the costs are squeezing out some really talented players & you are right. Flight costs for the Internationals are not cheap either & if a parent needs to go to chaperone it makes it very expensive. If it wasnt for the hosts of the International events providing the players accommodation there would be no subsidy. When our adults go abroad they at least get their flights paid for. Unjust & like you, I cant understand why there is no proper financial backing as I know you & many others have tried to get it.

Daniel text to say the meal was ok but not worth the normal price of £23 !!

Apparently the 2 double beds between 3 has been sorted now.

Deals will have been done to the benefit of some (not Scotland) as this is also the venue that Wales wish to use when they host - last time I looked on the map Daventry was no where near Wales.

Lets hope all the guys have an enjoyable few days & take some scalps along the way.

The deal was as far as I am aware as informed by Donald is £6.50 for under 15's & £13 for 16 & over & there is a packed lunch option of £5. As Angus says the deal should have been negotiated by England so that all the team players got the £6.50 deal Just hope they all get a good breakfast as that was included in the cost.
Quite right Jacqui,

Good luck to them all.
Good luck to all the teams!
Angus, Jacqui

I'm not normally at the Glorney as it is so close to the Scottish and British. I can't get four weeks off work together like that. Can I ask how the costs compare verses the trip to Ireland or Wales? We are due to go back there when the Welsh hold it but given the calls and emails I have received I am beginning to think we need object to it.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Games start in a couple of hours so I will do a comparison with previous events by e-mail.
Best comparison would be with the event in Scotland in my opinion. And I don't remember meals or accommodation being anything like this expensive. I could be mistaken though.
England have the Robinson Trust Fund and Wales say they are generously supported by the Welsh Assembly on their selection pages.

It's partly my own fault in as much I hadn't noticed the £13.50 charge for over 16s. I sent Ian down there with £70 thinking it would be more than enough. Suddenly it doesn't sound like that.

Outside of this I think the teams are really well prepared so good luck to them all.

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