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Glorney 2012
Well done everyone. we have home advantage and will come back stronger. Everyone can hold their heads high

Well done to Wales. Nice to see them win.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Glorney Bd 3: loss for Ian
Bd 4: draw for David

Glorney final score: Scotland 2 - 3 Wales

Faber Bd 1: draw for Ali

Faber final score: Scotland 2 - 1 Wales

For other teams' scores and final placings, it is probably better to check the official website.
Faber: England turned around the game where they had been a pawn down, to secure the 1.5 points they required to win the tournament.
"Heather's clever book" - as plugged by the Rampant Chess team.
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Amazing amount of draws in the Faber

Well done everyone, players, coaches & chaperones.
Sounds like good work from all our teams. Good to see players doing well, and a big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.
Bus may be late due to

M6 Staffordshire - Delays of one hour and 30 minutes, two lanes closed and queueing traffic for five miles on M6 northbound between J14, A5103 (Stafford North) and J15, A500 (Stoke-On-Trent), because of an accident earlier on. Congestion to J13, A449 (Stafford South).

I did see there was a problem at 9am & let Judy know but at that point delays were only 20mins but the report above was posted on BBc website 30mins ago.
had update from coach to say they are through the congestion but it took them approx 1hr 45min to do 9 miles Sad as if the journey isnt bad enough without delay
Well I would never have thought that I would be making this statement
"the coasters that Wales gave the Glorney Festival participants were good compared to the bog standard medal they all got this time from England"

How come when Scotland & Ireland host we manage to give out a decent momento of the occasion?

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