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Walter Tevis - Queen's Gambit
Fascinating article about Walter Tevis - author of Queen's Gambit - which is currently airing on Netflix - a surprisingly authentic account of chess life although I must say I have not come across anyone resembling this series heroine at any of the congresses I have attended  Smile . I see he also wrote the Hustler and Man Who Fell to Earth and was a chess nut. I quote: "I think that most people take up the game of chess in a very serious way if they have personality problems ... I was afraid of girls, I was afraid of a lot of things, and chess was a way of … getting rid of some of that anxiety by displacing it in something that was relatively safe,”

Enjoy the article and don't miss this on Netflix

I thought she was into alcohol.
(30-10-2020, 05:47 PM)Andy McCulloch Wrote: heroin???

I thought she was into alcohol.

LOL - now corrected. In fact tranquilisers and alcohol. This reminds me how ritalin - the drug kids get for ADHD  - is meant to enhance chess performance. I understand it is supposed to help you concentrate. My wife's a teacher and I keep asking her if she can get me some off the kids at school so I can try it out but, as you can see from my rating graph, she is not having much success  Tongue

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