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Getting back to normal
(07-07-2020, 08:40 PM)George Neave Wrote: On Dundee, thanks Keith. Looking forward to 2021!

On Richardson, honestly, getting 20 people in a room on 3 occasions between now and Xmas does not seem like it a stretch given there is virtually no C19 left in Scotland in July. Let's see where we are in September as you say. It would be good if we could complete this if nothing else. I remain optimistic Smile

Any chance of leagues soon ? They have started in Spain.
We are looking into online leagues Andy if there is enough enthusiasm. OTB leagues are a non-starter, no regional league that I know of is thinking about OTB leagues. Even AGM's are a challenge and may have to be ZOOM or similar online meetings. Even if the appetite for OTB was there , venues are a real problem. In fact eene when OTB leagues are up and running , there will probably be new rules regarding contact etc

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