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IA Ken Stewart
I first played Ken in a GCL Div1 match in 1963 or 1964 when he played for Glasgow University. For about the last 10 years he was my bridge partner and he calmly accepted my fairly frequent memory lapses re our bidding system. He was involved in training a group of ladies to play on Wednesday nights. In addition to all his work for the S.C.A and chess ,he was a keen gardener, growing his own vegetables, vetted and approved maths exam papers for national education authorities, assisted with publishing his church,s magazine, was a member of the National Geographic Society and the Physics Society. To all these organisations and tasks he brought the same commitment as to his chess activities and relaxed by climbing all the Munroes. I had a very interesting Allegro game with him on his last night at the Poly. He assisted and enriched the lifes of many people and I will always recall our friendship with fond memories. Eric Martin.

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