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Carol Wright
Posted on behalf of John Montgomery (Ayrshire CA)

Carol Wright (Ayr Chess Club) passed away at the end of May earlier this summer
Carol was the heart of Ayr Chess Club for the best part of 50 years and at the heart of Ayrshire Chess for many of those. His enthusiasm for the game never waned. He truly believed there is a 'perfect game' to be played and would have liked to be there when it happens.

His interests extended well beyond chess and included astronomy and photography being a member of local clubs. He was very creative and a talented craftsman who could deftly produce both artistic wooden sculptures and stunning photographic presentations. He was active in his Church and the service on Friday morning will probably be a sell-out.

He will be sadly missed yet we should really focus on remembering and celebrating his life. We believe that a number of chess players from Ayrshire would like to pay their respects to Carol – and that is the correct phrase – respect – he was respected by many – a voice of reason and conciliation as well as a bit of fun
Thanks for posting this, Douglas.

Yes, indeed Carol is missed by all of us at Ayr as we start the new season and indeed he will also be missed throughout Ayrshire. For May 2016 at the Ayr Congress the former senior cup is now the Carol Wright Senior Cup. This lovely gesture in Carol’s memory by the tournament organisers is very much appreciated. There is an excellent photograph of Carol on the entry form showing him studying his scoresheet as he reflects on his next move.


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