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Colin Crouch
Many of you may be saddened to hear of the death of IM Colin Crouch. Colin was a regular on the Scottish circuit in the 1980s.

Further details are not available as I write but may be available at:
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I am very saddened to hear the news about Colin. I was privileged to be a team mate of Colin's at two Olympiads for the blind in Crete in 2008 and in India in 2012
I too remember Colin from the 1980's, although I didn't really know him very well.

I have a few of Colin's books and enjoyed reading "Analyse Your Chess" (Everyman) 2011. Colin had a very open and descriptive writing style. The above book was an honest and readable collection of games where he "wrote" about his thoughts and experiences - how he was feeling and why he played such and such a move - rather than quoting several alternative lines. The way Colin managed the strength to carry on with his Chess after his stroke and sight disabilities was very admirable.

Sad loss.

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