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U16 Olympiad Hungary
I can't stand it! I thought he was going to dive in and play 89. nxf6...that would have been interesting!
Well done everyone! Four good draws so 2-2 against, on paper, a much stronger team.
Fantastic result and great fun to watch! None of those boring decisive results - draws are much more interesting!
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Round 7 kicks off at 3.30pm here. Links to live games above.
Euan missed bxf6 instead of ne2 picking up d5 pawn with Qh5 Sad
Yes Alex, that was a good chance. However she has just played c5 which allows a similar idea to pick up d5.
The team Scotland are playing just now - Slovakia East - are from my part of the world. Wish I had known as I could have passed on some prep. to Calum and the kids!

The young girl Euan is playing has 2 sisters - and all 3 have been at almost every tournament I've played since coming here. Their step-dad is an FM who just scored his 1st IM norm at the Tatry Open a month or 2 ago, so they are being well-schooled, and it will be a good result if we can take something from this match. Smile
Pretty good results in the last few rounds against strong teams. A bit of a surprise that we didn't finish above seeding as individually our rating performances for the tournament reflect a great effort.
I guess drawing five of our games contributed to our overall position, a half point here or there could have made a difference but it's swings and roundabouts.

Anna and Euan found it tough but they typically dug in to the end to deservedly get the grading performances their play merited.

Murad continues to revel against the best players and led the line strongly.

Lennart's game seems to have moved up a level, he was impressive.

Declan, welcome to overseas international chess, a fantastic debut at this level.

Overall, a great team effort. Well done to Calum and everyone involved.

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