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Hugh Flockhart
I would like to add my own sincere condolences to Hugh's family. This is indeed sad news. As all have noted, Hugh did a lot for chess and was every bit as kind, generous and good-hearted to others as mentioned. My strongest memories of him go back to around 2002-03, since when our paths have crossed at many Scottish tournaments and international junior and senior events. I enjoyed his company and conversation and retain many fond memories.
I don't know whether anyone can compile a lengthier list of his key contributions to chess. I seem to recall (2002!?) meeting a splendidly outfitted chap, replete with a large smile and in a fine kilt, outside the public building in King George IV Bridge where a friendly match between Scottish juniors and representatives of the Scottish Parliament was hosted. It was Hugh, one of the main organisers. A later match was played in the new Scottish Parliament and the first match would also have been played there … but it wasn't yet open!

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