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Tim Upton RIP
Alison Coull has kindly passed along the following from Tim's memorial service in Luxembourg...

'The memorial was a fitting tribute to Tim’s memory. It was standing room only and I was squeezed in right at the back with Alan Ferguson (long standing friend of Tim's from Edinburgh University) and his wife Sue. There was music and readings that paid tribute to his interests and achievements. There was beautiful classical music on the piano (Chopin, Elgar and Mozart).

Tim’s brothers, Nick and Jeremy talked about his life and shared some of their own memories and reflections from childhood. Jeremy noting that Tim always preferred to challenge people at games that involved skill rather than chance. There were various readings. Tim’s children Anthony and Zoe played Finlandia on violin. Tim's mother is Finnish and he always had a strong affinity with Finland as has been referenced in some Olympiad reports when Scotland played Finland.

There were tributes from Tim’s work colleagues at the European Court of Auditors – his immediate team and the ECA football team. Paul Motwani gave a wonderful tribute to Tim’s chess achievements using photos provided by everybody. Paul also read out comments and tributes that he had received from many chess players. There was also a chess tribute from Jan Bednarich of the Bonnevoie Chess Club.

Tim’s son Anthony and nephew Bartholomew gave a tribute to Tim’s life-long devotion to Hibs and Sunshine on Leith was played. The memorial highlighted Tim's interest in travel, history and culture and his ability to make friends in all corners of the world. In particular his interest in former Eastern bloc countries.

A recurrent theme was loyalty - to Hibs, to his friends, the labour party, to chess, to Scotland. Also to Tim as a family man. There was a buffet meal after the service and a large selection of family and chess/football photographs on a large screen. Many people who knew Tim had no idea of the scale of his achievements in chess over many years.'

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