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Scottish National Online Chess League Organisation
Hi all
I've been asked by the CS President to clarify that the initiatives I having been setting up (e.g. The Scottish National Online Chess League ) are not under the auspices of Chess Scotland and consequently will be completely independent from Chess Scotland. Consequently we the committee will have to create a completely independent new organisation , called something along the lines of the Scottish Online Chess Organisation. The good news is that the services we provide will be free and cost neutral. Anyone wishing and willing to join will of course be welcome.
Hi Guys
We’re having a zoom meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 7.00pm
As well as sending out details by email we thought it a good idea for us all to meet and discuss the upcoming SNOCL tournament and how we foresee it working. Feel free to pass on this email to anyone who wishes to attend. For those who have not used ZOOM before when you click on the link you will be taken to a waiting room where I will let you in. The meeting will last for 40 minutes, if anything is still unresolved then we can resume the meeting.

Topic: SNOCL captains Meeting
Time: Jan 28, 2021 07:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time
I have sent the link to all organisers , if anyone wishes to join the meeting, please let me know

I have had expressions of interest from a further three clubs regarding SOCO and the SNOCL . So we are looking at setting up a regional weekly/fortnightly chess league with teams of 4 or 6. If any club wishes to play  and has not followed the existing procedures, namely joining the SOCO online club at and also sending me a teamsheet of names and usernames, please send me such a list and we will routinely add them to the League Management System (LMS) before we announce any further tournaments.

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