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World Senior Team Chess Championships

Scotland A moved into second place with a 3-1 win against their German opponents, Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft, in the fourth round of the World Senior Team Chess Championships.

Number one seeds England A lost to Slovakia. While Slovakia are the third rated team in the 50+ event this still has to be considered a surprise and has thrown the competition wide open.

Scotland A now face their third opponents from Germany, fourth seeds Thüringen.

Scotland B are also placed higher than their starting rank after four rounds, despite a 3-1 loss to Belgium 2. Tomorrow's opponents Sweden 1 should provide good competition and a positive result for Scotland is certainly possible.

Round 4 Results

Scotland A v Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft : 3-1

1. GM Colin A McNab 2432               1-0       GM Jakob Meister 2478
2. IM Stephen R Mannion 2345     1/2-1/2     IM Hans-Ulrich Gruenberg 2375
3. IM Roderick McKay 2348              1-0       GM Lutz Espig 2294
4. IM Douglas M Bryson 2351        1/2-1/2    Dr. Gerhard Köhler 2120

Scotland B v Belgium B : 1-3

1. James Stevenson  2071            1/2-1/2     FM Johan Goormachtigh 2190
2. Alan Scrimgour  2023                  0-1        Rene Beniest 2114
3. Alastair Dawson  1924              1/2-1/2     Daniel Vanheirzeele 2101
4. Richard Jennings  1699                0-1        Frank Schrickx 1885

Roddy McKay and Alan Minnican formed the Scotland team which played in the Team Blitz tournament. Roddy and Alan finished in fifth place with 3 wins, 5 draws and only 1 loss to the eventual tournament winners, GM's Matthew Sadler and Keith Arkell, playing as Young England.


Round 3 Results

Schachgemeinschaft Leipzig v  Scotland A  : 2-2

1. FM Thomas Schubert 2347        1/2-1/2   GM Colin A McNab 2432
2. FM Manfred Böhnisch 2285        1/2-1/2   IM Stephen R Mannion 2345
3. FM Manfred Schoeneberg 2238     1-0      IM Roderick McKay 2348
4. Dr. Bernd Weber 2159                 0-1      IM Douglas M Bryson 2351

Germany Woman 2 v Scotland B : 1½-2½

1. WIM Constanze Jahn  2134       1/2-1/2    James Stevenson  2071
2. WIM Martina Beltz  2075              0-1       Alan Scrimgour  2023
3. Martina Nobis  1876                  1/2-1/2   Alastair Dawson  1924
4. Ina Gottschall  1755                  1/2-1/2   Richard Jennings  1699

Scotland A currently lie in 5th place with Scotland B in 24th. Full placings can be found at

Round 4 sees the Scotland second team take on Scotland A's first round opponents, Belgium 2. The A team are drawn against the tournaments sixth seeds, from Germany, Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft.

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Posted on: 26-02-2015
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