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World Championship – Carlsen v Karjakin

Nov 30: Magnus Carlsen wins the tie-break rapidplay 3-1 to retain his world title, finishing in style with a queen sac to force mate.

The match was drawn 6-6 after the first 12 games - one win each, rest drawn. Tie-breaks took place on Wednesday, November 30 (Carlsen's 26th birthday).

Intro: Magnus Carlsen of Norway defends his world title against Sergey Karjakin of Russia in New York, November 11-30.  The match takes place in the Fulton Market building in Lower Manhattan.

Guardian report

Chess24 Live coverage

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Match Schedule and Chessbase reports: 

Friday 11: Game 1

Saturday 12: Game 2

Monday 14: Game 3

Tuesday 15: Game 4

Thursday 17: Game 5

Friday 18: Game 6

Sunday 20: Game 7

Monday 21: Game 8

Wednesday 23: Game 9

Thursday 24: Game 10

Saturday 26: Game 11

Monday 28: Game 12

Wednesday 30: Tie Breaks

Tie Break format

1) A four-game match with 25 minutes + 10-second increment rapid games
2) If the scores are equal, then a maximum of five mini-matches of two blitz games at 5 minutes + a 3-second increment
3) Only if those 14 games have proved indecisive will we get a World Championship decided in an Armageddon game, where White has 5 minutes to Black’s 4, but a draw will make the player with Black the World Champion.

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Posted on: 30-11-2016
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