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Covid 19 – Club Re-opening Guidelines

11th August 2020

Coronavirus in Scotland:

Update 18 September

What are the rules on social gatherings?

  • Gatherings of more than six people are illegal, unless it meets one of a limited list of exemptions
    • This applies to gatherings both indoors and outdoors in England and Scotland, and indoors in Wales
    • It applies to all ages in England, and everyone except children under the age of 11 in Wales and under 12 in Scotland
    • Social premises and venues, including pubs and restaurants, are now legally required to request test and trace information from customers and keep the details for 21 days

What happens if you break the rules?

  • Anyone who breaks the rules on social gatherings will be fined £100, with the penalty doubling on each further repeat offence up to £3,200.
    • COVID-secure marshals" will enforce social distancing rules in town and city centres, the prime minister has said.

Who's exempt?

  • Households or support bubbles of more than six people can still gather
    • Groups of more than six people are allowed for work or education
    • Places of worship, gyms, restaurants and hospitality settings can still hold more than six people in total
    • Weddings and funerals are also exempt, with up to 30 people allowed to attend them in England and Wales and 20 people in Scotland
    • Organised team sports carried out in a "COVID-secure way" can have more than six people

Dated 10 September

What are the latest lockdown rules?

  • The Scottish government has paused the next set of changes to the lockdown rules in Scotland and toughened some existing measures.
    The reopening of indoor soft play areas, theatres and live music venues has been delayed until at least 5 October, along with the resumption of indoor contact sports for those aged 12 and over.
    The rules on meeting other people will be tightened from Monday
    So what are the current rules - and what else is going to change?.

The rules on meeting people

  • From Monday 14 September, it will only be possible for a maximum of six people from two households to meet together - either indoors or outdoors.
    This will apply in restaurants, pubs and beer gardens, as well as in people's homes and gardens.
    There will also be exceptions for organised sports and places of worship, and for funerals, weddings and civil partnerships.
    There will be no change to the rule which allows 20 people to attend these ceremonies, and the same limit will now apply to wakes and receptions in regulated venues like hotels. People should still be following the 2m distancing rules when gathering together.

When could the next changes happen?

  • A number of other changes which had originally been planned for 14 September have now been pushed back to 5 October - and will depend on the outcome of a review on 1 October.

What can I go out and do?

  • Pubs, cafes and restaurants have reopened both indoor and outdoor spaces
    They can seek an exemption from the 2m distancing rule indoors but will have to warn customers that they are entering a 1m zone, produce revised seating plans, and take steps such as improving ventilation.
    Guidance on physical distancing have to be followed, and customers have to provide their contact details.

However, it will soon become law that when moving around hospitality venues, customers will have to wear face coverings

Clubs and leagues should not be running until the review on the 5th of October


Dated 31 August
Trace and Trace Guidelines for clubs/leagues/events

  • You are required, as a minimum, to record the following data:
    • Date of visit
      Time log in and out
      Telephone number

The track and trace data that is recorded

  • must be kept of each separate visit
    must be retained securely, and confidentially, for 21 days
    must be destroyed safely after 21 days


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